The Complete Apple Singles Collection 1968-1991 (Remastered) mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Complete Apple Singles Collection 1968-1991 (Remastered)by Various Artists

  • 331 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 19:25:15


Disk #1

1.The lady is a champbut beautiful, live (1968)by Frank Sinatra4:32
2.Hey Judeby The Beatles7:20
3.Revolutionby The Beatles3:25
4.Those were the daysby Mary Hopkin5:10
5.Turn! Turn! Turn!by Mary Hopkin2:56
6.Quelli Erano Giorni (Those were the days)by Mary Hopkin5:11
7.Que Tiempo Tan Feliz (Those were the days)by Mary Hopkin5:11
8.An jenem Tag (Those were the days)by Mary Hopkin5:10
9.Les temps des fleurs (Those were the days)by Mary Hopkin5:10
10.Sour milk seaby Jackie Lomax3:59
11.The eagle laughs at youby Jackie Lomax2:25
12.Thingumybobby Black Dyke Mills Band1:53
13.Yellow submarineby Black Dyke Mills Band3:01
14.Una sensazionale intervista 1by Kenny Everett & The Beatles3:31
15.Una sensazionale intervista 2by Kenny Everett & The Beatles2:48
16.Maybe tomorrow (1969)by The Iveys2:52
17.And her daddy's a millionaireby The Iveys2:10
18.Road to nowhereby Trash4:23
19.Illusionsby Trash3:15

Disk #2

1.Lontano dagli Occhiby Mary Hopkin3:27
2.The Gameby Mary Hopkin2:42
3.King of Fuhby Brute Force2:57
4.Nobody knowsby Brute Force2:55
5.Prince en Avignonby Mary Hopkin3:21
6.Carolina on my mindby James Taylor3:39
7.Taking it inby James Taylor2:27
8.Goodbyeby Mary Hopkin2:47
9.Sparrowby Mary Hopkin2:25
10.Sparrow (Aderyn Llwyd in Welsh)by Mary Hopkin3:11
11.Get backby The Beatles3:14
12.Don't let me downby The Beatles3:11
13.Get backby The Beatles3:31
14.Don't let me downby The Beatles3:13
15.New day (wrong)by Jackie Lomax3:35
16.I fall inside yourby Jackie Lomax3:10
17.Thumblin' a rideby Jackie Lomax3:57
18.Ballad of John &by The Beatles2:59
19.Old brown shoeby The Beatles3:18
20.That's the way God planned itby Billy Preston3:24
21.What about youby Billy Preston2:06
22.In the midnight hourby Billy Preston2:08
23.Coca-Cola Radio spotby Mary Hopkin1:00

Disk #3

1.Give peace a chanceby The Plastic Ono Band5:00
2.Remember loveby Yoko Ono4:04
3.Make love to the endby Plastic Ono Band2:30
4.Storm in a teacupby The Iveys2:32
5.Something's wrongby James Taylor3:12
6.Little yellow pillsby Jackie Lomax4:02
7.Happiness runs (Pebble and the man)by Mary Hopkin2:04
8.Dear Angieby The Iveys2:37
9.No escaping your loveby The Iveys2:15
10.Hare Krishna mantraby The Radha Krishna Temple3:57
11.Prayer to the Spiritual mastersby The Radha Krishna Temple3:57
12.Musicby Mortimer3:30
13.Que sera sera, whatever will be will beby Mary Hopkin3:06
14.Fields of St.Etienneby Mary Hopkin3:09
15.Golden slumbersCarry that weightby Trash4:05
16.Trash canby Trash4:58
17.Give peace a chanceby Hot Chocolate4:39
18.Living without tomorrowby Hot Chocolate2:27
19.Everything's allrightby Billy Preston2:44
20.I want to thank youby Billy Preston3:11
21.Anti-drugs Radio spotby Ringo Starr0:25
22.Cold turkeyby The Plastic Ono Band5:04
23.Don't worry Kyokoby Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band5:00

Disk #4

1.Somethingby The Beatles3:15
2.Come togetherby The Beatles4:17
3.Come and get itby Badfinger2:22
4.Rock of all agesby Badfinger3:15
5.What's the new Mary Janeby The Plastic Ono Band3:45
6.Let it be -movie dialogue 1by The Beatles1:09
7.Let it be -movie dialogue 2by The Beatles1:48
8.Let it be -movie dialogue 3by The Beatles1:22
9.Temma Harbourby Mary Hopkin3:23
10.The puppy songby Mary Hopkin2:43
11.All that I've got I'm gonna give to youby Billy Preston3:34
12.As I get olderby Billy Preston3:38
13.Instant Karma!by The Plastic Ono Band3:18
14.Who has seen the windby Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band2:04
15.How the web was wovenby Jackie Lomax3:52
16.Ain't that cuteby Doris Troy3:48
17.Vaya con Diosby Doris Troy3:30
18.Govindaby The Radha Krishna Temple4:47
19.Govinda Jai Jaiby The Radha Krishna Temple6:00
20.Let it beby The Beatles3:52
21.You know my name (look up the number)by The Beatles4:20
22.Knock knock who's thereby Mary Hopkin2:33
23.I'm going to fall in love againby Mary Hopkin2:05
24.The honeymoon songby Mary Hopkin2:06

Disk #5

1.Long & winding roadby The Beatles3:39
2.For you Blueby The Beatles2:32
3.Going back to Liverpoolby Jackie Lomax3:09
4.Won't you come backby Jackie Lomax4:13
5.Jacob's ladderby Doris Troy2:57
6.Get backby Doris Troy3:09
7.My sweet Lordby Billy Preston3:22
8.Long as I got my babyby Billy Preston2:44
9.Little girlby Billy Preston3:31
10.Beaucoups of Bluesby Ringo Starr2:34
11.Coochie coochieby Ringo Starr4:39
12.Think about your childrenby Mary Hopkin3:01
13.Heritageby Mary Hopkin2:24
14.No matter whatby Badfinger3:01
15.Better daysby Badfinger4:01
16.Carry on 'til tomorrowby Badfinger3:46
17.Carolina in my mind (diff.version)by James Taylor3:10
18.Something's wrong (edit)by James Taylor2:31
19.Mother (7''-edit)by The Plastic Ono Band3:55
20.Whyby Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band5:31

Disk #6

1.My sweet Lordby George Harrison4:38
2.Isn't it a pityby George Harrison7:08
3.What is lifeby George Harrison4:17
4.Apple scruffsby George Harrison3:04
5.Another day (1971)by Paul McCartney3:43
6.Oh woman oh whyby Paul McCartney4:35
7.Power to the peopleby The Plastic Ono Band3:34
8.Open your boxby Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band3:34
9.Touch meby Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band4:41
10.It don't come easyby Ringo Starr3:03
11.Early 1970by Ringo Starr2:21
12.Try some, buy someby Ronnie Spector4:15
13.Tandoori chickenby Ronnie Spector2:19
14.Let my name be Sorrowby Mary Hopkin3:31
15.Kew Gardensby Mary Hopkin2:24
16.Let my name be Sorrow (Japanese)by Mary Hopkin3:31
17.Quand je te regarde vivre (Sorrow in French)by Mary Hopkin3:31
18.Name of the Gameby Badfinger4:28
19.Suitcaseby Badfinger2:53

Disk #7

1.God save Usby Bill Elliot & The Elastic Oz Band3:08
2.Do the Ozby Bill Elliot & The Elastic Oz Band3:07
3.Bangla Deshby George Harrison3:58
4.Deep Blueby George Harrison3:43
5.Uncle AlbertAdmiral Halseyby Paul McCartney4:43
6.Too many peopleby Paul McCartney4:13
7.Back seat of my carby Paul McCartney4:29
8.Heart of the countryby Paul McCartney2:24
9.Joi Banglaby Ravi Shankar3:18
10.Oh Bhaugowanby Ravi Shankar3:30
11.Raga mishra Jhinijhotiby Ravi Shankar6:48
12.Imagineby John Lennon3:04
13.It's so hardby John Lennon2:27
14.Mrs.Lennonby Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band4:04
15.Midsummer New Yorkby Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band2:16
16.Water, paper and clayby Mary Hopkin4:12
17.Streets of Londonby Mary Hopkin4:30
18.Jeffersonby Mary Hopkin2:41
19.Love is strange (7'' version)by Paul McCartney & Wings3:22
20.Greenfield morning (1972)by Yoko Ono2:12

Disk #8

1.Day after dayby Badfinger3:11
2.Moneyby Badfinger3:33
3.Sweet Tuesday morningby Badfinger2:30
4.Mind train (7''-edit)by Yoko Ono4:49
5.Give Ireland back to the Irishby Paul McCartney & Wings3:43
6.Give Ireland back to the Irish (instr.)by Paul McCartney & Wings3:46
7.Sweet music (1972)by Lon and Derrek Van Eaton3:45
8.Song of songsby Lon and Derrek Van Eaton1:29
9.Baby Blueby Badfinger3:36
10.Flyingby Badfinger2:24
11.Back off Boogalooby Ringo Starr3:22
12.Blindmanby Ringo Starr2:44
13.talks about David Peelby John Lennon2:17
14.F is not a dirty wordby David Peel & The Lower East Side3:16
15.The Ballad of New York Cityby David Peel & The Lower East Side3:41
16.Woman is the nigger of theby The Plastic Ono Band5:15
17.Sisters, o sistersby Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band3:47
18.Mary had a little lambby Paul McCartney & Wings3:32
19.Little woman loveby Paul McCartney & Wings2:09
20.We're on our wayby Chris Hodge2:55
21.Supersoulby Chris Hodge3:06
22.The hippie from New York Cityby David Peel & The Lower East Side3:44
23.The Internationalby Mary Hopkin3:35

Disk #9

1.Now or neverby Yoko Ono5:00
2.Move on fastby Yoko Ono3:42
3.Liberation Specialby Elephant's Memory3:32
4.Madnessby Elephant's Memory3:10
5.Power Boogieby Elephant's Memory3:59
6.Local Plastic Ono Bandby Elephant's Memory2:14
7.Saturday Night Specialby The Sundown Playboys2:12
8.Valse du Soleil (Sundown Waltz)by The Sundown Playboys3:39
9.Happy Xmas (war is over)by The Plastic Ono Band3:37
10.Listen, the snow is fallingby Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band3:09
11.Hi hi hiby Paul McCartney & Wings3:08
12.C moonby Paul McCartney & Wings4:35
13.Goodbye sweet Lorraineby Chris Hodge4:33
14.Contact loveby Chris Hodge2:57
15.Warm womanby Lon and Derrek Van Eaton2:57
16.More than wordsby Lon and Derrek Van Eaton2:14
17.My loveby Paul McCartney & Wings4:07
18.The Mess, liveby Paul McCartney & Wings4:54
19.Death of Samantha (7''-edit)by Yoko Ono3:47
20.Yang yangby Yoko Ono3:49
21.Give me love (give me peace on earth)by George Harrison3:35
22.Miss O'Dellby George Harrison2:25

Disk #10

1.Joseijoi Banzai 1by Yoko Ono2:53
2.Joseijoi Banzai 2by Yoko Ono5:12
3.Live and let dieby Paul McCartney & Wings3:13
4.I lie aroundby Paul McCartney & Wings5:01
5.Woman powerby Yoko Ono4:53
6.Photographby Ringo Starr3:56
7.Down and outby Ringo Starr3:03
8.Helen wheelsby Paul McCartney & Wings3:47
9.Country dreamerby Paul McCartney & Wings3:10
10.Run, run, runby Yoko Ono5:12
11.Men, men, menby Yoko Ono4:05
12.Mind gamesby John Lennon4:10
13.Meat Cityby John Lennon2:52
14.You're sixteenby Ringo Starr2:50
15.Devil womanby Ringo Starr3:52
16.Jetby Paul McCartney & Wings4:09
17.Mamuniaby Paul McCartney & Wings4:52
18.Let me roll itby Paul McCartney & Wings4:50
19.Oh my myby Ringo Starr3:37
20.Step lightlyby Ringo Starr3:16

Disk #11

1.Apple of my eyeby Badfinger3:06
2.Blind owlby Badfinger3:02
3.Band on the runby Paul McCartney & Wings5:10
4.Zoo Gangby Paul McCartney & Wings1:59
5.Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Fiveby Paul McCartney & Wings5:29
6.Message to EMI sales team (+Bob Mercer)by John Lennon3:37
7.Whatever gets you through the nightby John Lennon3:04
8.Beef Jerkyby John Lennon3:29
9.decade Radio Commercial 1by The Beatles0:35
10.decade Radio Commercial 2by The Beatles1:03
11.Junior's farmby Paul McCartney & Wings4:24
12.Sally Gby Paul McCartney & Wings3:40
13.Dark Horseby George Harrison3:56
14.I don't care anymoreby George Harrison2:37
15.(and you alone)by Ringo Starr4:44
16.Only Youby Ringo Starr3:27
17.Call Meby George Harrison4:09
18.Ding Dong, Ding Dongby George Harrison3:42
19.#9 Dreamby John Lennon4:49
20.What you gotby John Lennon3:07
21.Snookerooby Ringo Starr3:30
22.No no songby Ringo Starr3:46
23.Oo-weeby Ringo Starr2:33

Disk #12

1.Ain't that a shameby John Lennon2:32
2.Slippin' and slidin'by John Lennon2:18
3.Stand by meby John Lennon3:31
4.Move over John Lennon3:00
5.Goodnight Viennaby Ringo Starr3:38
6.Youby George Harrison3:44
7.World of Stoneby George Harrison4:43
8.Working Class Heroby John Lennon3:50
9.This guitar (can't keep from crying)by George Harrison4:11
10.Maya loveby George Harrison4:25
11.Those were the daysby Mary Hopkin5:10
12.That's the way God planned it (7''-edit)by Billy Preston3:06
13.Sour milk seaby Jackie Lomax3:55
14.Come and get itby Badfinger2:23
15.That's the way God planned it (part I & II)by Billy Preston5:34
16.Too many cooksby Jim Keltner Orchestra3:41
17.Cowboyby Nola York2:57
18.Purple flowersby Nola York2:59
19.Those were the days (version 2)by Mary Hopkin5:00
20.Free as a bird (video mix) (1995)by The Beatles4:52
21.The Pirate song,live (at Monty Python) (1976)by George Harrison1:52

Disk #13

1.My sweet Lord (early voc.take)by George Harrison4:10
2.Apple scruffs (demo)by George Harrison2:45
3.It don't come easy (demo)by George Harrison3:34
4.Ding dong, ding dong (rough mix)by George Harrison3:22