The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions mp3 Artist Compilation by Miles Davis

The Complete Jack Johnson Sessionsby Miles Davis

  • 42 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:08:38


Disk #1

1.Willie Nelson (Take 2)6:42
2.Willie Nelson (Take 3)10:23
3.Willie Nelson (Insert 1)6:33
4.Willie Nelson (Insert 2)5:24
5.Willie Nelson (Remake Take 1)10:45
6.Willie Nelson (Remake Take 2)10:19
7.Johnny Bratton (Take 4)8:19
8.Johnny Bratton (Insert 1)6:40
9.Johnny Bratton (Insert 2)5:21
10.Archie Moore4:45

Disk #2

1.Go Ahead John (Part One)13:09
2.Go Ahead John (Part Two A)7:02
3.Go Ahead John (Part Two B)10:07
4.Go Ahead John (Part Two C)3:39
5.Go Ahead John (Part One Remake)11:06
6.Duran (Take 4)5:39
7.Duran (Take 6)11:22
8.Sugar Ray6:16

Disk #3

1.Right Off (Take 10)11:10
2.Right Off (Take 10A)4:34
3.Right Off (Take 11)5:59
4.Right Off (Take 12)8:50
5.Yesternow (Take 16)9:51
6.Yesternow (New Take 4)15:48
7.Honky Tonk (Take 2)10:06
8.Honky Tonk (Take 5)11:29

Disk #4

1.Ali (Take 3)6:50
2.Ali (Take 4)10:16
4.Nem Um Talvez (Take 17)2:51
5.Nem Um Talvez (Take 19)2:50
6.Little High People (Take 7)6:53
7.Little High People (Take 8)9:29
8.Nem Um Talvez (Take 3)4:38
9.Nem Um Talvez (Take 4A)2:05
10.Selim (Take 4B)2:17
11.Little Church (Take 7)3:18
12.Little Church (Take 10)3:15

Disk #5

1.The Mask (Part One)7:49
2.The Mask (Part Two)15:48
3.Right Off26:54