Bluenote Café mp3 Live by Neil Young

Bluenote Caféby Neil Young

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:26:27


Disk #1

1.Welcome to the Big Room7:31
2.Don't Take Your Love Away from Me9:31
3.This Note's for You5:24
4.Ten Men Workin'8:32
5.Life in the City3:52
6.Hello Lonely Woman4:51
7.Soul of a Woman5:54
8.Married Man3:05
9.Bad News Comes to Town8:00
10.Ain't It the Truth7:31
11.One Thing6:42

Disk #2

1.I'm Goin'5:34
2.Ordinary People12:51
3.Crime in the City7:21
4.Crime of the Heart5:37
5.Welcome Rap0:35
7.Fool for Your Love4:13
8.Encore Rap1:07
9.On the Way Home2:56
10.Sunny Inside3:53
11.Tonight's the Night19:27