The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 11B: 1971 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 11B: 1971by Various Artists

  • 120 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 6:24:06


Disk #1

1.That's the Way a Woman Isby The Messengers1:57
2.In the Jungleby The Messengers3:07
3.That's the Way a Woman Is (stereo promo version)by The Messengers1:57
4.Take Me Girl, I'm Readyby Jr. Walker & The All Stars3:16
5.Right on Brothers and Sistersby Jr. Walker & The All Stars3:11
6.Take Me Girl, I'm Ready (stereo promo version)by Jr. Walker & The All Stars4:01
7.Keep Meby The Originals2:47
8.A Man Without Loveby The Originals3:30
9.Lo and Beholdby David Ruffin & Jimmy Ruffin3:35
10.The Things We Have to Doby David Ruffin3:32
11.Lo and Behold (stereo promo version)by David Ruffin & Jimmy Ruffin3:34
12.You Can Come Right Back to Meby David Ruffin3:05
13.Dinahby David Ruffin3:17
14.It Takes All Kinds of Peopleby Stoney & Meatloaf2:13
15.The Way You Do Things You Doby Stoney & Meatloaf3:08
16.It Takes All Kinds of People (stereo promo version)by Stoney & Meatloaf2:28
17.If You Really Love Meby Stevie Wonder3:01
18.Think of Me as Your Soldierby Stevie Wonder3:38
19.Can Iby Eddie Kendricks3:21
20.I Did It All for Youby Eddie Kendricks3:10
21.Can I (long promo version)by Eddie Kendricks6:13
22.My Piece of Heavenby The Rustix3:01
23.Down, Downby The Rustix4:31
24.My Piece of Heaven (stereo promo version)by The Rustix3:07

Disk #2

1.Surrenderby Diana Ross2:39
2.I'm a Winnerby Diana Ross3:12
3.Can't It Wait Until Tomorrowby Valerie Simpson3:31
4.Back to Nowhereby Valerie Simpson3:11
5.Happinessby Lodi2:37
6.I Hope I See It in My Lifetimeby Lodi4:27
7.Happiness (stereo promo version)by Lodi2:38
8.MacArthur Park, Part IIby Four Tops3:08
9.MacArthur Park, Part Iby Four Tops2:35
10.Funky Rubber Band (vocal)by Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie2:53
11.Funky Rubber Band (instrumental)by Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie2:53
12.Funky Rubber Band (vocal, stereo promo version)by Richard 'Popcorn' Wylie2:52
13.I'm an Easy Riderby My Friends2:26
14.Concrete and Clayby My Friends4:40
15.I'm an Easy Rider (stereo promo version)by My Friends2:26
16.Who You Gonna Run Toby Chuck Jackson3:15
17.Forgive My Jealousyby Chuck Jackson2:12
18.Act Like a Shotgunby G.C. Cameron3:24
19.Girl I Really Love Youby G.C. Cameron3:16
20.Act Like a Shotgun (stereo promo version)by G.C. Cameron3:24
21.Walk Down the Path of Freedomby Sunday Funnies3:00
22.It's Just a Dreamby Sunday Funnies3:10
23.Walk Down the Path of Freedom (stereo promo version)by Sunday Funnies2:55
24.Heaven Must Have Sent You (stereo promo version)by The Elgins2:33

Disk #3

1.Inner City Bluesby Marvin Gaye2:59
2.Wholy Holyby Marvin Gaye3:09
3.Touchby The Supremes3:00
4.It's So Hard for Me to Say Goodbyeby The Supremes3:15
5.Touch (stereo promo version)by The Supremes3:06
6.Bless Youby Martha And The Vandellas3:06
7.Hope I Don't Get My Heart Brokeby Martha And The Vandellas3:38
8.Bless You (stereo promo version)by Martha And The Vandellas3:07
9.Colour Combinationby Jack Hammer3:09
10.Swimby Jack Hammer3:07
11.Colour Combination (stereo promo version)by Jack Hammer3:12
12.Got to Be Thereby Michael Jackson3:24
13.Maria (You Were the Only One)by Michael Jackson3:42
14.Got to Be There (stereo promo version)by Michael Jackson3:23
15.I'm Still Waitingby Diana Ross3:45
16.A Simple Thing Like Cryby Diana Ross3:04
17.Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dahby Suzee Ikeda2:42
18.Bah Bah Bahby Suzee Ikeda3:38
19.Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (stereo promo version)by Suzee Ikeda2:42
20.Whatever Happened to Loveby Tom Clay3:19
21.Baby I Need Your Lovingby Tom Clay2:23
22.Whatever Happened to Love (stereo promo version)by Tom Clay3:19
23.When Sundown Comesby Smokey Robinson & The Miracles3:25
24.Flower Girlby Smokey Robinson & The Miracles3:34

Disk #4

1.Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are)by The Temptations2:54
2.Gonna Keep on Tryin' Till I Win Your Loveby The Temptations3:52
3.Superstar (Remember How You Got Where You Are) (stereo promo version)by The Temptations2:55
4.Satisfactionby Smokey Robinson & The Miracles3:27
5.Satisfaction (alternate mix)by Smokey Robinson & The Miracles3:17
6.We've Only Just Begun - I'll Be Thereby Tony & Carolyn3:02
7.I Can Get Away From You (But I Can't Get Over You)by Tony & Carolyn2:48
8.We've Only Just Begun -I'll Be There (stereo promo version)by Tony & Carolyn3:04
9.Hey Lordyby Bobby Taylor2:42
10.Just a Little Bit Closerby Bobby Taylor3:40
11.I Want to Go Back There Againby Thelma Houston2:38
12.Pick of the Weekby Thelma Houston3:04
13.I Want to Go Back There Again (stereo promo version)by Thelma Houston2:38
14.Hey Big Brotherby Rare Earth3:06
15.Under God's Lightby Rare Earth3:17
16.Hey Big Brother (stereo promo version)by Rare Earth4:46
17.Way Back Home (vocal)by Jr. Walker & The All Stars3:12
18.Way Back Home (instrumental)by Jr. Walker & The All Stars3:44
19.Way Back Home (vocal, stereo promo version)by Jr. Walker & The All Stars3:04
20.We All End Up in Boxesby The Rustix3:14
21.We All End Up in Boxes (stereo promo version)by The Rustix3:21
22.I Can't Believe You're Really Leavingby Virgil Henry3:08
23.You Ain't Sayin' Nothin' Newby Virgil Henry2:55
24.I Can't Believe You're Really Leaving (stereo promo version)by Virgil Henry3:06

Disk #5

1.You Make Your Own Heaven and Hell Right Here on Earthby The Undisputed Truth3:50
2.Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today)by The Undisputed Truth7:07
3.Make Me the Woman That You Go Home Toby Gladys Knight & The Pips3:46
4.It's All Over but the Shoutin'by Gladys Knight & The Pips3:49
5.Suger Daddyby The Jackson 52:33
6.I'm So Happyby The Jackson 52:47
7.Suger Daddy (stereo promo version)by The Jackson 52:33
8.Simple Song of Freedomby Bobby Darin4:11
9.I'll Be Your Baby Tonightby Bobby Darin3:35
10.Simple Song of Freedom (alternate mix)by Bobby Darin4:10
11.I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (alternate mix)by Bobby Darin3:34
12.The Greatest Man Who Ever Livedby Dave Prince2:00
13.A Child Is Waitingby Dave Prince2:27
14.What Christmas Means to Meby Stevie Wonder2:29
15.Bedtime for Toysby Stevie Wonder3:29
16.What Christmas Means to Me (stereo promo version)by Stevie Wonder2:32
17.Floy Joyby The Supremes2:35
18.This Is the Storyby The Supremes3:26
19.Floy Joy (stereo promo version)by The Supremes2:51
20.In and Out of My Lifeby Martha And The Vandellas2:58
21.Your Love Makes It All Worthwhileby Martha And The Vandellas3:25
22.In and Out of My Life (stereo promo version)by Martha And The Vandellas2:57
23.T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care)by P.J.2:33
24.T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care) (stereo promo version)by P.J.2:30