The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 5 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 5by Various Artists

  • 22 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:06:27


1.A Man's a Man for A' Thatby Ian F. Benzie3:47
2.There Was a Lass, They Ca'd Her Meg / Amang the Treesby Corrina Hewat2:11
3.Thou Hast Left Me Ever, Jamie / Let Not Woman E'er Complain / Gat Ye Me, O, Gat Ye Me (and Elspeth Cowie)by John Morran4:45
4.The Lovely Lass of Invernessby James Malcolm2:01
5.Scroggam / O Gie the Lass Her Fairin', Ladby Jamie McMenemy2:32
6.Hughie Grahamby Ian F. Benzie5:12
7.John Barleycorn: A Balladby Davy Steele2:49
8.There's Three True Gude Fellows / Johnie Bluntby Jamie McMenemy2:14
9.Braw, Braw Lads on Yarrow Braes (and Elspeth Cowie)by John Morran1:22
10.The Gloomy Night Is Gath'ring Fastby Corrina Hewat4:15
11.Contented Wi' Little, and Cantie Wi' Mairby John Morran1:33
12.The Lass That Made the Bed to Meby Jamie McMenemy4:36
13.Frae the Friends and Land I Loveby Corrina Hewat2:32
14.Killiecrankieby Jamie McMenemy1:56
15.O Once I Lov'd a Bonnie Lassby Davy Steele3:28
16.There'll Never Be Peace 'Till Jamie Comes Hameby Jamie McMenemy1:51
17.Glencoe / Sweetest Mayby John Morran3:42
18.Caledoniaby James Malcolm4:58
19.Masonic Songby Davy Steele0:50
20.There Grows a Bonie Brier-bushby James Malcolm2:53
21.O, I Am Come to the Low Countrieby Elspeth Cowie3:19
22.Green Sleeves / Sweet Tibbie Dunbar / Lassie, Lend Me Your Braw Hemp Heckleby Ian F. Benzie3:41