The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 7 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Complete Songs of Robert Burns, Volume 7by Various Artists

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:04:59


1.The Captain's Ladyby John Morran2:32
2.The Wren's Nest / John Come Kiss Meby Gillian MacDonald3:20
3.Nae Gentle Damesby George Duff3:10
4.Raving Windsby Bobby Eaglesham4:14
5.The Taylorby Gillian MacDonald1:33
6.The Rowin't in Her Apronby Aimee Leonard3:24
7.My Girl She's Airyby Bobby Eaglesham2:36
8.As I Was Wand'ringby Karine Polwart4:22
9.Geordieby Alistair Hulett3:59
10.Sensibility How Charmingby George Duff2:47
11.Charlie, He's My Darlingby Aimee Leonard2:08
12.The Heather Was Bloomingby Gillian MacDonald2:36
13.The Guidwife Count the Lawin / No Churchman Am Iby Alistair Hulett5:15
14.I'd Dream'd I Layby Bobby Eaglesham3:05
15.There's a Youth in This City / Highland Laddieby Gillian MacDonald3:41
16.Sae Flaxen Were Her Ringletsby Alistair Hulett3:08
17.Up and Waur Them A', Jamieby George Duff2:02
18.Streams That Glideby Aimee Leonard3:02
19.Young Peggy Bloomsby George Duff3:44
20.Long, Long the Nightby John Morran4:21