The Complete Stax-Volt Singles: 1959-1968 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Complete Stax-Volt Singles: 1959-1968by Various Artists

  • 244 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 10:58:44


Disk #1

1.Fool In Loveby The Veltones2:00
2.'Cause I Love Youby Carla & Rufus2:47
3.Gee Whizby Carla Thomas2:22
4.You Make Me Feel So Goodby Chip2:15
5.A Love Of My Ownby Carla Thomas2:31
6.Last Nightby Mar-Keys2:40
7.I Didn't Believeby Rufus & Friend2:13
8.I'M Going Homeby Prince Conley2:52
9.(Mama, Mama) Wish Me Good Luckby Carla Thomas2:26
10.Morning Afterby Mar-Keys2:15
11.The Life I Liveby Barbara Stephens2:26
12.About Noonby Mar-Keys2:34
13.Burnt Biscuitsby The Triumphs2:02
14.I Kinda Think He Doesby Carla Thomas2:39
15.Foxyby Mar-Keys2:17
16.You Don't Miss Your Waterby William Bell3:01
17.Formula Of Loveby William Bell2:09
18.Goofin' Offby Macy Skipper3:01
19.Wait A Minuteby Barbara Stephens2:25
20.Sunday Jealousby Nick Charles2:58
21.That'S The Way It Is With Meby Barbara Stephens2:28
22.No Tearsby The Tonettes2:34
23.Pop-Eye Strollby Mar-Keys2:46
24.The Three Dogwoodsby Nick Charles2:30
25.Why Should I Suffer With The Bluesby The Canes2:54
26.Whot'S Happenin'!by Mar-Keys2:30
27.Just Across The Streetby Del Rios2:24
28.There'S A Loveby Del Rios2:21
29.Can't Ever Let You Goby Rufus Thomas2:35

Disk #2

1.Green Onionsby Booker T. & The Mg'S2:58
2.Behave Yourselfby Booker T. & The Mg'S3:57
3.Any Other Wayby William Bell2:34
4.I'Ll Bring It Home To Youby Carla Thomas3:09
5.Sack-O-Woe - The Mar Keysby Mar-Keys2:36
6.These Arms Of Mineby Otis Redding2:36
7.Teardrop Seaby The Tonettes2:33
8.The Dogby Rufus Thomas2:39
9.Jellybreadby Booker T. & The Mg'S2:35
10.I Told You Soby William Bell2:35
11.Bo-Timesby Mar-Keys2:48
12.Home Grownby Booker T. & The Mg'S3:18
13.My Imaginary Guyby Deanie Parker & The Valadors2:45
14.Just As I Thoughtby William Bell3:04
15.What A Fool I'Ve Beenby Carla Thomas2:20
16.The Hawg, Part Oneby Eddie Kirk2:56
17.Don't Be Afraid Of Loveby Oscar Mack2:36
18.That'S My Guyby Cheryl Johnson & Pam Johnson2:12
19.Chinese Checkersby Booker T. & The Mg'S2:32
20.Somebody Mentioned Your Nameby William Bell3:07
21.What Can I Doby Bobby Marchan2:48
22.That'S What My Heart Needsby Otis Redding2:44
23.What Can It Beby Astors2:22
24.Bangoby Billy & The King Bees2:22
25.Them Bonesby Eddie Kirk2:25
26.Walkin' The Dogby Rufus Thomas2:40
27.I'Ll Show Youby William Bell2:49

Disk #3

1.Pain In My Heartby Otis Redding2:27
2.Gee Whiz It'S Christmasby Carla Thomas2:49
3.Mo' Onionsby Booker T. & The Mgs2:37
4.Frog Stompby Floyd Newman2:17
5.Can Your Monkey Do The Dogby Rufus Thomas2:30
6.You Won't Do Rightby Bobby Marchan2:37
7.Wondering (When My Love Is Coming Home)by Drapels2:20
8.Each Step I Takeby Deanie Parker2:54
9.The Honey Dripperby Van-Dells2:10
10.Who Will It Be Tomorrowby William Bell2:28
11.Come To Meby Otis Redding2:49
12.Don't Leave Me This Wayby Otis Redding3:00
13.I Don't Want You Anymoreby Eddie Jefferson3:03
14.Restlessby Cobras2:29
15.Somebody Stole My Dogby Rufus Thomas2:43
16.Big Partyby Barbara & The Browns2:45
17.That'S Really Some Goodby Rufus & Carla1:59
18.Night Time Is The Right Timeby Rufus & Carla2:43
19.Securityby Otis Redding2:39
20.Dream Girlby Oscar Mack3:04
21.Closer To My Babyby Dorothy Williams2:31
22.I'Ve Got No Time To Loseby Carla Thomas3:03
23.Young Manby Drapels2:38
24.Soul Dressingby Booker T. & The Mgs3:02
25.After Laughter (Comes Tears)by Wendy Rene3:05
26.Can't Explain How It Happenedby Ivory Joe Hunter2:47
27.Bush Bashby Mar-Keys2:34
28.Please Return To Meby Fleets2:36

Disk #4

1.Jump Backby Rufus Thomas2:24
2.Chained And Boundby Otis Redding2:43
3.In My Heartby Barbara & The Browns2:54
4.Spunkyby Johnny Jenkins2:23
5.Bar B-Qby Wendy Rene2:35
6.The Sidewalk Surfby Mad Lads2:26
7.Can't Be Stillby Booker T. & The Mgs2:04
8.A Woman's Loveby Carla Thomas2:58
9.Yank Me (Doodle)by Baracudas2:31
10.That'S How Strong My Love Isby Otis Redding2:27
11.Mr Pitifulby Otis Redding2:46
12.Don't Let Her Be Your Babyby Del-Rays2:40
13.Can't See You When I Want Toby David Porter2:57
14.My Loverby Barbara & The Browns2:26
15.Got You On My Mindby Admirals2:40
16.How Do You Quit (Someone You Love)by Carla Thomas2:58
17.Biggest Fool In Townby Gorgeous George2:51
18.Banana Juiceby Mar-Keys2:27
19.Little Sally Walkerby Rufus Thomas2:31
20.A Place Nobody Can Findby Sam & Dave2:59
21.Goodnight Babyby Sam & Dave2:50
22.Boot-Legby Booker T. & The Mgs2:09
23.Outrageby Booker T. & The Mgs2:41
24.I'Ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)by Otis Redding2:58
25.I'M Depending On Youby Otis Redding2:32
26.Candyby Astors3:04
27.Give You What I Gotby Wendy Rene2:50

Disk #5

1.Stop! Look What You'Re Doin'by Carla Thomas2:36
2.Willy Nillyby Rufus Thomas2:42
3.Don't Have To Shop Aroundby Mad Lads2:58
4.Crying All By Myselfby William Bell2:46
5.I Take What I Wantby Sam & Dave2:36
6.When You Move You Loseby Rufus & Carla2:52
7.Respectby Otis Redding2:12
8.Make It Meby Premiers2:50
9.The World Is Roundby Rufus Thomas2:32
10.In The Twilight Zoneby Astors2:47
11.Blue Grooveby Sir Isaac & The Do-Dads2:39
12.You Don't Know Like I Knowby Sam & Dave2:43
13.Grab This Thing (Part 1)by Mar-Keys2:39
14.Be My Ladyby Booker T. & The Mgs2:41
15.Comfort Meby Carla Thomas2:44
16.I Can't Turn You Looseby Otis Redding2:51
17.Just One More Dayby Otis Redding3:33
18.I Want Someoneby Mad Lads2:46
19.Birds & Beesby Rufus & Carla2:29
20.Philly Dogby Mar-Keys2:18
21.I Had A Dreamby Johnnie Taylor3:08
22.Satisfactionby Otis Redding2:49
23.Things Get Betterby Eddie Floyd2:28
24.I'Ll Run Your Hurt Awayby Ruby Johnson3:12
25.Hot Dogby Four Shells2:12
26.Let Me Good To Youby Carla Thomas2:47
27.Hold On I'M Comin'by Sam & Dave2:35

Disk #6

1.Laundromat Bluesby Albert King3:09
2.Sugar Sugarby Mad Lads2:32
3.Share What You Got (But Keep What You Need)by William Bell2:52
4.Marching Off To Warby William Bell3:20
5.My Prayerby Otis Redding3:12
6.Your Good Thing (Is About To End)by Mable John2:59
7.I Got To Love Some Body'S Babyby Johnnie Taylor2:56
8.I Want A Girlby Mad Lads2:46
9.Knock On Woodby Eddie Floyd3:07
10.B-A-B-Yby Carla Thomas2:57
11.My Sweet Potatoby Booker T And The Mgs2:44
12.Booker Looby Booker T And The Mgs2:30
13.Oh, Pretty Babyby Albert King2:48
14.Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobodyby Sam And Dave2:38
15.Never Like This Beforeby William Bell3:03
16.Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)by Otis Redding2:43
17.Patch My Heartby Mad Lads2:35
18.Sister'S Got A Boyfriendby Rufus Thomas2:44
19.Come To Me My Darlingby Ruby Johnson2:55
20.When My Love Comes Downby Ruby Johnson2:48
21.Try A Little Tendernessby Otis Redding3:21
22.Crosscut Sawby Albert King2:36
23.Little Bluebirdby Johnnie Taylor2:57
24.Toe Holdby Johnnie Taylor2:41
25.Jingle Bellsby Booker T And The Mgs2:38

Disk #7

1.You Got Me Hummin'by Sam & Dave2:53
2.You'Re Taking Up Another Man's Placeby Mable John2:57
3.All I Want For Christmas Is Youby Carla Thomas2:56
4.Please Uncle Sam (Send Back My Man)by Charmels2:37
5.Something Good (Is Going To Happen To You)by Carla Thomas2:34
6.Raise Your Handby Eddie Floyd2:31
7.Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)by Johnnie Taylor3:15
8.I Don't Want To Lose Your Loveby Mad Lads2:24
9.When Something Is Wrong With My Babyby Sam & Dave3:21
10.Let Me Down Slowby Bobby Wilson2:14
11.Hip Hug-Herby Booker T. & The Mgs2:28
12.Everybody Loves A Winnerby William Bell2:55
13.Mini-Skirt Minnieby Sir Mack Rice2:37
14.When Tomorrow Comesby Carla Thomas2:34
15.The Spoilerby Eddie Purrell2:49
16.I Love You More Than Words Can Sayby Otis Redding2:58
17.If I Ever Needed Love (I Sure Do Need It Now)by Ruby Johnson2:25
18.Same Time Same Placeby Mable John2:58
19.Trampby Otis & Carla3:05
20.Soul Fingerby Bar-Kays2:24
21.Knuckleheadby Bar-Kays2:29
22.Shakeby Otis Redding2:38
23.Born Under A Bad Signby Albert King2:51
24.Soothe Meby Sam & Dave3:02
25.I Can't Stand Upby Sam & Dave2:45
26.Don't Rock The Boatby Eddie Floyd2:02

Disk #8

1.My Inspirationby Mad Lads2:51
2.Love Sicknessby Sir Mack Rice2:28
3.Sophisticated Sissyby Rufus Thomas2:47
4.I'Ll Always Have Faith In Youby Carla Thomas2:57
5.How Can You Mistreat The One You Loveby Jeanne & The Darlings2:48
6.Love Is Doggone Good Thingby Eddie Floyd2:29
7.Groovin'by Booker T. & The Mgs2:46
8.Slim Jenkins Placeby Booker T. & The Mgs2:34
9.Glory Of Loveby Otis Redding2:43
10.I'M A Big Girl Nowby Mable John2:34
11.Wait You Dogby Mable John2:14
12.You Can't Get Away From Itby Johnnie Taylor2:52
13.Eloise (Hang On In There)by William Bell2:47
14.Knock On Woodby Otis & Carla2:55
15.I'M Glad To Do Itby C.L. Blast3:08
16.Double Upby C.L. Blast2:06
17.You Can't Run Away From Your Heartby Judy Clay2:59
18.I'Ll Gladly Take You Backby Charmels2:41
19.Soul Manby Sam & Dave2:43
20.Daddy Didn't Tell Meby Astors2:38
21.Give Everybody Someby Bar-Kays2:28
22.On A Saturday Nightby Eddie Floyd2:47
23.Don't Hit Me No Moreby Mable John2:53
24.Somebody'S Sleeping In My Bedby Johnnie Taylor2:53
25.Winter Snowby Booker T. & The Mgs3:28
26.Every Day Will Be Like A Holidayby William Bell2:41
27.What'Ll I Do For Satisfactionby Johnny Daye3:02
28.Pick Up The Piecesby Carla Thomas2:47

Disk #9

1.Down Ta My Houseby Rufus Thomas2:29
2.As Long As I'Ve Got Youby Charmels2:43
3.Soul Girlby Jeanne & The Darlings2:33
4.Cold Feetby Albert King2:50
5.I Thank Youby Sam & Dave2:49
6.Wrap It Upby Sam & Dave2:36
7.(Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bayby Otis Redding2:44
8.Don't Pass Your Judgementby Memphis Nomads2:09
9.Lovey Doveyby Otis & Carla2:39
10.I Got A Sure Thingby Ollie & The Nightingales2:42
11.Big Birdby Eddie Floyd3:06
12.A Hard Day'S Nightby Bar-Kays2:47
13.Next Timeby Johnnie Taylor2:37
14.A Tribute To A Kingby William Bell2:57
15.Every Man Oughta Have A Womanby William Bell2:48
16.Able Mableby Mable John2:45
17.The Memphis Trainby Rufus Thomas2:37
18.I Think I Made A Boo Booby Rufus Thomas2:24
19.What Will Later On Be Likeby Jeanne & The Darlings2:51
20.Hang Me Nowby Jeanne & The Darlings2:23
21.Soul Powerby Derek Martin2:56
22.Bring Your Love Back To Meby Linda Lyndell2:11
23.A Dime A Dozenby Carla Thomas2:56
24.Whatever Hurts Youby Mad Lads3:05
25.The Happy Song (Dum Dum)by Otis Redding2:47
26.(I Love) Lucyby Albert King2:57
27.I Ain't Particularby Johnnie Taylor2:28