The Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles, Volume 2: 1968-1971 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Complete Stax-Volt Soul Singles, Volume 2: 1968-1971by Various Artists

  • 216 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 11:15:22


Disk #1

1.I Was Born to Love Youby Shirley Walton2:59
2.Precious, Preciousby Isaac Hayes2:43
3.Send Peace and Harmony Homeby Shirley Walton2:47
4.Soul Limboby Booker T. & The MG's2:24
5.I've Never Found a Girl (To Love Me Like You Do)by Eddie Floyd2:46
6.It's Been a Long Time Comingby Delaney And Bonnie2:18
7.What a Manby Linda Lyndell2:42
8.I Like Everything About Youby Jimmy Hughes2:51
9.Stay Baby Stayby Johnny Daye2:50
10.Private Numberby Judy Clay & William Bell2:42
11.So Niceby The Mad Lads2:39
12.Long Walk to The Staple Singers2:31
13.Give 'Em Loveby The Soul Children2:50
14.Funky Mississippiby Rufus Thomas2:58
15.Lovin' Feelingby The Charmels2:55
16.Where Do I Goby Carla Thomas2:24
17.Bed of Rosesby Judy Clay2:44
18.Bring It on Home to Meby Eddie Floyd2:32
19.It's Unbelievable (How You Control My Soul)by Jeanne And The Darlings2:15
20.Who's Making Loveby Johnnie Taylor2:50
21.Mighty Cold Winterby Dino And Doc2:39
22.Hang 'Em Highby Booker T. & The MG's3:52
23.You're Leaving Meby Ollie & The Nightingales2:51
24.Copy Katby The Bar-Kays2:23
25.I Forgot to Be Your Loverby William Bell2:21
26.Running Outby Mable John2:09
27.My Baby Specializesby Judy Clay & William Bell2:39
28.I'll Understandby The Soul Children2:42

Disk #2

1.The Ghettoby The Staple Singers3:46
2.Blues Powerby Albert King3:13
3.The Echoby The Epsilons2:40
4.Funky Wayby Rufus Thomas2:58
5.Take Care of Your Homeworkby Johnnie Taylor2:38
6.I Like What You're Doing (To Me)by Carla Thomas2:56
7.I've Got to Have Your Loveby Eddie Floyd2:49
8.Let 'Em Down Babyby Jimmy Hughes2:40
9.Love Is Here Today and Gone Tomorrowby The Mad Lads2:47
10.It Ain't Long Enoughby Judy Clay3:22
11.Mellow Way You Treat Your Manby Ollie & The Nightingales2:26
12.Private Numberby Sonny Stitt2:57
13.Time Is Tightby Booker T. & The MG's3:17
14.Double or Nothingby The Mar-Keys2:52
15.(Sittin' on the) Dock of the Bayby The Staple Singers2:58
16.So I Can Love Youby The Emotions2:51
17.Don't Stop Dancing (To the Music) (part 1)by The Bar-Kays2:50
18.One More Chanceby Margie Joseph2:26
19.I Wanna Be Good (To You)by Jimmy Dotson2:59
20.Finger Lickin' Goodby Art Jerry Miller2:40
21.Tighten Up My Thangby The Soul Children3:05
22.My Whole World Is Falling Downby William Bell3:09
23.Testify (I Wanna)by Johnnie Taylor4:03
24.Drowning on Dry Landby Albert King3:56
25.Do the Cissyby The Stingers2:50
26.Don't Tell Your Mama (Where You've Been)by Eddie Floyd3:03

Disk #3

1.Mrs. Robinsonby Booker T. & The MG's3:41
2.Love's Sweet Sensationby William Bell & Mavis Staples3:05
3.Just Because Your Love Is Goneby Darrell Banks3:37
4.Chains of Loveby Jimmy Hughes3:00
5.Happyby William Bell2:35
6.The Challengeby The Staple Singers3:12
7.Soul-a-lujahby Johnnie Taylor, Eddie Floyd2:30
8.Never, Never Let You Goby Eddie Floyd & Mavis Staples2:29
9.Just Keep on Loving Meby Johnnie Taylor And Carla Thomas2:40
10.I Need You Womanby William Bell & Carla Thomas2:42
11.I've Got a Feelingby Ollie & The Nightingales2:52
12.It's Time to Pay for the Fun (We've Had)by Jeanne And The Darlings2:36
13.I Could Never Be Presidentby Johnnie Taylor2:17
14.By the Time I Get to Phoenixby The Mad Lads2:49
15.Long and Lonely Worldby Colette Kelly2:59
16.Midnight Cowboyby The Bar-Kays2:50
17.I've Fallen in Love (With You)by Carla Thomas2:44
18.Slum Babyby Booker T. & The MG's2:41
19.The Best Part of a Love Affairby The Emotions3:31
20.By the Time I Get to Phoenixby Isaac Hayes6:58
21.Walk On Byby Isaac Hayes4:35
22.Tupelo (Part 1)by Pop Staples, Albert King, Steve Cropper2:56
23.Waterby Pop Staples, Albert King, Steve Cropper3:09
24.The Sweeter He Is (Part 1)by The Soul Children2:59
25.You're Driving Me (To the Arms of a Stranger)by Mavis Staples3:21

Disk #4

1.Open Up Your Heart (Let Me In)by The Newcomers2:38
2.Why Is the Wine Sweeter (On the Other Side)by Eddie Floyd2:44
3.When Will We Be Paidby The Staple Singers2:35
4.Grinder Manby John Lee Hooker3:56
5.Born Under a Bad Signby William Bell3:13
6.What You Gonna Doby Margie Joseph3:02
7.I'm So Gladby Jimmy Hughes2:55
8.Beautiful Feelingsby Darrell Banks2:46
9.Your Love Was Strangeby The Dramatics3:03
10.Love Bonesby Johnnie Taylor3:21
11.Hard to Say Goodbyeby Delaney And Bonnie2:30
12.Got to Get Rid of Youby J.J. Barnes3:27
13.Habit Forming Loveby Reggie Milner2:13
14.My Thing Is a Moving Thingby The T.S.U. Toronadoes2:45
15.Stealing Loveby The Emotions3:12
16.When Tomorrow Comesby The Emotions3:02
17.Wrapped Up in Love Againby Albert King2:23
18.Do the Funky Chickenby Rufus Thomas3:18
19.California Girlby Eddie Floyd3:39
20.Tribute to a Black Woman (Part 1)by Bernie Hayes2:21
21.Sang and Danceby The Bar-Kays2:59
22.Hold On, I'm Comin'by The Soul Children3:28
23.Love's Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down (Part 1)by Chuck Brooks3:17
24.Help Me Put Out the Flames (In My Heart)by Ernie Hines3:14
25.Black Boyby Roebuck "Pops" Staples3:22

Disk #5

1.Bracing Myself for the Fallby Ollie & The Nightingales2:54
2.All I Have to Do Is Dreamby William Bell & Carla Thomas3:20
3.Singing About Loveby Jeanne And The Darlings2:23
4.Goodiesby Chris & Shack2:42
5.Just the Way You Are Todayby Barbara Lewis3:33
6.The Creeper Returnsby Little Sony4:16
7.Guide Me Wellby Carla Thomas3:54
8.Give a Damnby The Staple Singers3:09
9.Steal Awayby Johnnie Taylor3:29
10.Your Sweet Lovin'by Margie Joseph3:41
11.I Forgot to Rememberby Jones Blumenberg3:45
12.Can't See You When I Want Toby David Porter4:29
13.Never Be Trueby Carla Thomas4:20
14.Can't You See What You're Doing to Meby Albert King3:40
15.Sixty Minute Man (Part 2)by Rufus Thomas3:32
16.The Preacher and the Bearby Rufus Thomas3:53
17.Somethingby Booker T. & The MG's3:34
18.Seeing Is Believin'by The Mad Lads4:13
19.You're My Temptationby Roz Ryan2:38
20.What I Don't Know Won't Hurt Meby Paul Thompson2:58
21.Right, Tight and Out of Sightby Branding Iron3:02
22.(What's Under) The Natural Doby John Casandra3:00

Disk #6

1.My Girlby Eddie Floyd3:22
2.I Have Learned to Do Without Youby Mavis Staples4:08
3.Play the Music Toronadoesby The T.S.U. Toronadoes2:34
4.Lonely Soldierby William Bell3:57
5.Heart Associationby The Emotions3:04
6.I Stand Accusedby Isaac Hayes4:07
7.Brand New Dayby The Staple Singers3:45
8.Sweeter Tomorrowby Margie Joseph3:13
9.Cool Strutby Bernie Hayes2:55
10.You Put the Sunshine in My Worldby The Newcomers3:02
11.Montego Bayby The Bar-Kays2:35
12.Got It Together (Parts 1 & 2)by Rudy Robinson And The Hungry Five5:29
13.Wade in the Waterby Little Sonny3:18
14.You're Movin' Much Too Fastby The Nightingales2:52
15.Best Years of My Lifeby Eddie Floyd3:07
16.I Am Somebody (Part 2)by Johnnie Taylor3:26
17.I Loved You Like I Love My Very Lifeby Carla Thomas2:51
18.Soul Machineby Reggie Milner2:27
19.(Follow Her) Rules and Regulationsby The Temprees2:52
20.(Do The) Push and Pull (Part 1)by Rufus Thomas3:19
21.Love Changesby Charlene And The Soul Serenaders3:54
22.Put Your World in My World (Best of Two Worlds)by The Soul Children2:56
23.Love Is Plentifulby The Staple Singers2:30

Disk #7

1.Heavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom Boom)by The Staple Singers3:07
2.Who Took the Merry Out of Christmasby The Staple Singers2:33
3.Too Many Loversby Shack2:45
4.Black Christmasby The Emotions2:46
5.The Mistletoe and Meby Isaac Hayes3:59
6.Ask the Lonelyby Barbara Lewis3:13
7.Jody's Got Your Girl and Goneby Johnnie Taylor3:02
8.Finish Me Offby The Soul Children3:39
9.Oh, How It Rainedby Eddie Floyd3:11
10.The Look of Loveby Isaac Hayes3:19
11.Electrfied Loveby Ernie Hines3:07
12.Melting Potby Booker T. & The MG's3:53
13.That's the Way I Like It (I Like it That Way)by Barbara Lewis3:05
14.Mr. Big Stuffby Jean Knight2:34
15.You Make Me Want to Love Youby The Emotions3:16
16.Stop! In the Name of Loveby Margie Joseph4:54
17.I Don't Wanna Lose Youby Johnnie Taylor4:00
18.(Girl) I Love Youby The Temprees3:15
19.The World Is Roundby Rufus Thomas3:18
20.A Penny for Your Thoughtsby William Bell3:08
21.Never Can Say Goodbyeby Isaac Hayes3:38
22.I Don't Want to Be Like My Daddyby The Nightingales3:21

Disk #8

1.You've Got to Earn Itby The Staple Singers3:30
2.Hold On to Itby The Limitations2:34
3.Whatcha See Is Whatcha Getby The Dramatics3:35
4.Born Too Lateby Branding Iron2:32
5.Just Ain't Strong as I Used to Beby Jimmy Hughes3:04
6.That Other Woman Got My Man and Goneby Margie Joseph3:30
7.If You Think It (You May as Well Do It)by The Emotions3:04
8.Shame on the Family Nameby Calvin Scott2:48
9.Blood Is Thicker Than Waterby Eddie Floyd2:43
10.Hijackin' Loveby Johnnie Taylor3:21
11.Sweetback's Themeby Melvin Van Peebles3:25
12.The Breakdown, Part 1by Rufus Thomas3:16
13.Pin the Tail on the Donkeyby The Newcomers2:59
14.Them Hot Pantsby Lee Sain3:06
15.If That Ain't a Reasonby Little Milton3:25
16.It's Good to Be Careful (But It's Better to Be Loved)by Shack2:52
17.Where Would You Be Todayby Ilana3:17
18.Everybody Wants to Go to Heavenby Albert King3:46
19.Got to Get Away From It Allby The Soul Children3:25
20.Love's Creeping Up on Meby United Image2:26
21.Show Me Howby The Emotions3:06
22.If I Give It Up, I Want It Backby David Porter2:27
23.A Woman Named Troubleby Little Sonny4:23

Disk #9

1.Losing Boyby Eddie Giles3:05
2.Respect Yourselfby The Staple Singers3:32
3.I'll Kill a Brick (About My Man)by Hot Sauce2:46
4.You Think You're Hot Stuffby Jean Knight2:29
5.All for the Love of a Womanby William Bell3:12
6.Theme from 'Shaft'by Isaac Hayes3:18
7.Jamaica, This Morningby The MG's3:07
8.Gone! The Promises of Yesterdayby The Mad Lads3:39
9.Girl, Come on Homeby Major Lance2:42
10.(Let Hurt Put You in the) Loser's Seatby Joni Wilson3:18
11.My Baby Loveby The Temprees2:53
12.How Do You Move a Mountainby The Leaders2:23
13.Black Nasty Boogie (Part 6)by Black Nasty2:40
14.Do the Funky Penguin (Part 1)by Rufus Thomas3:07
15.You've Got a Cushion to Fall Onby Carla Thomas3:42
16.Get Up and Get Downby The Dramatics3:10
17.Son of Shaftby The Bar-Kays3:13
18.Don't Cha Mess with My Money, My Honey, or My Womanby L.V. Johnson3:38
19.I Can Smell That Funky Musicby Eric Mercury3:02
20.A Sadness for Thingsby Calvin Scott3:19
21.That's What Love Will Make You Doby Little Milton3:56
22.Standing in for Jodyby Johnnie Taylor3:48