The Complete Studio Albums Collection mp3 Artist Compilation by Leonard Cohen

The Complete Studio Albums Collectionby Leonard Cohen

  • 106 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 8:15:14


Disk #1

2.Master Song5:58
3.Winter Lady2:18
4.The Stranger Song5:08
5.Sisters of Mercy3:36
6.So Long, Marianne5:41
7.Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye2:58
8.Stories of the Street4:38
10.One of Us Cannot Be Wrong4:29

Disk #2

1.Bird on the Wire3:29
2.Story of Isaac3:39
3.A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes3:18
4.The Partisan3:29
5.Seems So Long Ago, Nancy3:41
6.The Old Revolution4:50
7.The Butcher3:22
8.You Know Who I Am3:32
9.Lady Midnight3:02
10.Tonight Will Be Fine3:53

Disk #3

2.Last Year's Man6:03
3.Dress Rehearsal Rag6:13
4.Diamonds in the Mine3:52
5.Love Calls You by Your Name5:45
6.Famous Blue Raincoat5:16
7.Sing Another Song, Boys6:18
8.Joan of Arc6:29

Disk #4

1.Is This What You Wanted4:19
2.Chelsea Hotel #23:09
3.Lover Lover Lover3:24
4.Field Commander Cohen4:04
5.Why Don't You Try3:55
6.There Is a War3:05
7.A Singer Must Die3:22
8.I Tried to Leave You2:43
9.Who by Fire2:37
10.Take This Longing4:11
11.Leaving Green Sleeves2:39

Disk #5

1.True Love Leaves No Traces4:28
3.Paper-Thin Hotel5:45
5.I Left a Woman Waiting3:29
6.Don't Go Home With Your Hard-On5:38
8.Death of a Ladies' Man9:24

Disk #6

1.The Guests6:41
2.Humbled in Love5:15
3.The Window5:57
4.Came So Far for Beauty4:05
5.The Lost Canadian (Un Canadien errant)4:44
6.The Traitor6:16
7.Our Lady of Solitude3:14
8.The Gypsy's Wife5:13
9.The Smokey Life5:19
10.Ballad of the Absent Mare6:43

Disk #7

1.Dance Me to the End of Love4:41
2.Coming Back to You3:36
3.The Law4:29
4.Night Comes On4:42
6.The Captain4:10
7.Hunter's Lullaby2:27
8.Heart With No Companion3:05
9.If It Be Your Will3:44

Disk #8

1.First We Take Manhattan6:02
2.Ain't No Cure for Love4:51
3.Everybody Knows5:36
4.I'm Your Man4:26
5.Take This Waltz6:00
6.Jazz Police3:54
7.I Can't Forget4:32
8.Tower of Song5:39

Disk #9

1.The Future6:43
2.Waiting for the Miracle7:43
3.Be for Real4:32
4.Closing Time6:01
7.Light as the Breeze7:17
9.Tacoma Trailer5:58

Disk #10

1.In My Secret Life4:56
2.A Thousand Kisses Deep6:29
3.That Don't Make It Junk4:28
4.Here It Is4:19
5.Love Itself5:26
6.By the Rivers Dark5:21
7.Alexandra Leaving5:26
8.You Have Loved Enough5:42
9.Boogie Street6:05
10.The Land of Plenty4:36

Disk #11

1.Go No More A-Roving3:43
2.Because Of3:03
3.The Letters4:48
5.Morning Glory3:32
6.On That Day2:07
7.Villanelle for Our Time5:57
8.There for You4:40
9.Dear Heather3:43
11.To a Teacher2:35
12.The Faith4:20
13.Tennessee Waltz (live)4:05

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