The Gallery: 18 Years mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Gallery: 18 Yearsby Various Artists

  • 47 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 9:20:51


1.Tracking Treasure Down (Original Mix) (feat. Molly Bancroft)by Gabriel & Dresden10:22
2.Friends & Enemies (Original Mix)by Estiva6:36
3.Did You Hear Me? (Phase 2 Mix)by Red Light District8:44
4.9 PM (Till I Come) (Club Mix)by ATB5:28
5.FM2 (Feelin' Me)by Scot Project8:08
6.Damaged (Antillas Remix)by Plummet7:42
7.Superman (Original Mix)by Mat Zo7:38
8.Laid Bare (Trumpet Mix)by Judge Jules6:35
9.Sique (Ronski Speed Remix) (vs. Fandy)by Mike Shiver6:27
10.Madagascar (Richard Durand Remix)by Art of Trance5:10
11.Advanced (Original Mix)by Marcel Woods7:18
12.Murder Was The Bass (Original Mix)by DK85:06
13.For An Angel (PvD's E-Werk Club Mix)by Paul van Dyk7:48
14.L.E.D There Be Light (Extended Mix)by Rank 17:41
15.What Ya Got For Me (Extended Mix)by Signum7:22
16.Touch The Stars (2010 Remix)by Ovnimoon6:59
17.Leave Me Alone (Simon Patterson Remix)by Neelix8:29
18.Blaster (Blazer Remix)by Xgenic8:38
19.Happy Sad (Beatman & Ludmilla Remix)by Kate Havnevik5:36
20.Northern Lights (Original Mix) (feat. David Wright)by Simon Patterson8:11
21.Vanilla (Original Mix) (and Jordan Suckley)by Simon Patterson7:44
22.Vicious Cycles (Original Mix)by Astrix7:07
23.Collision (Original Mix)by Xgenic8:37
24.Malakhim (Original Mix)by Saimon5:12
25.Blue Muse (Original Mix)by Vertical Mode7:25
26.Inspire (Aerofoil Remix) (feat. Fisher)by Misja Helsloot7:09
27.Smuggle Run (Original Mix) (and Cristian Ketelaars)by Ally Brown6:20
28.Blackout (Simon Patterson Remix)by John Askew6:51
29.Buzz On (Original Mix)by Coming Soon6:33
30.Witchcraft (Ahmed Romel Remix) (pres. Twisted Design)by Ico8:27
31.Yoruba (Original Mix)by Mac & Monday8:07
32.Without You (Simon Patterson's Dead Dog Radio Edit)by Dogzilla3:51
33.Shake It (Original Mix)by Sergey Boyko5:52
34.Another You, Another Me (Gavyn Mytchel Remix) (vs. Gareth Emery)by Lange7:09
35.My Lexicon (Original Mix)by Sander Kleinenberg9:12
36.Find (Andy Moor Remix) (feat. El)by Ridgewalkers6:50
37.Eighties (Ozgur Can Remix)by Yilmaz Altanhan8:52
38.Summer Calling (Airwave Club Remix)by Andain9:05
39.Hello Strings (Gavyn Mytchel's Midnight Mix)by Synergy7:53
40.Body Shine (Club Version) (pres. Billy Hendrix)by Three 'N One9:04
41.Fixation (Gavyn Mytchel Remix)by Andy Ling8:00
42.Connected (Dub Mix) (vs. Smith & Pledger)by Matt Hardwick7:16
43.Someone (Original Mix)by Ascension8:59
44.The Legacy (Club Mix)by Push8:57
45.The Gallery 18 Years CD1 (Continuous DJ Mix)by Various Artists1:18:37
46.The Gallery 18 Years CD2 (Continuous DJ Mix)by Various Artists1:18:18
47.The Gallery 18 Years CD3 (Continuous DJ Mix)by Various Artists1:17:26

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