The Girl From Detroit City mp3 Artist Compilation by Suzi Quatro

The Girl From Detroit Cityby Suzi Quatro

  • 82 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:05:13


Disk #1

1.What a Way to Die [The Pleasure Seekers]2:25
2.Light of Love [The Pleasure Seekers]3:02
3.Locked in Your Love [The Pleasure Seekers]2:34
4.Rolling Stone2:47
5.Can the Can3:36
6.Ain't Ya Something Honey4:08
7.48 Crash3:55
8.All Shook Up3:51
9.Glycerine Queen3:49
10.Daytona Demon4:03
11.Roman Fingers3:48
12.Devil Gate Drive3:49
13.In the Morning2:37
14.Too Big3:22
15.The Wild One (single version)2:53
16.Your Mama Won't Like Me4:00
17.I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew3:44
18.You Can Make Me Want You3:34
20.I May Be Too Young2:58
21.Half as Much as Me4:15
22.American Lady (alternative version)3:51

Disk #2

1.Tear Me Apart3:01
2.If You Can't Give Me Love3:56
4.The Race Is On4:04
5.Stumblin' In (With Chris Norman)3:58
6.I've Never Been in Love3:03
7.Mind Demons2:28
8.She's in Love With You3:33
10.Mamas Boy3:38
11.Love Hurts2:47
12.Rock Hard3:21
13.Lonely Is the Hardest3:48
14.Ego in the Night3:38
16.Glad All Over2:50
17.Heart of Stone3:25
18.Main Attraction3:15
19.Two Miles Out of Georgia3:30
20.Can I Be Your Girl3:52
21.Good Girl (Looking for a Bad Time)3:32
22.Wild Thing (With Reg Presley)3:53

Disk #3

1.I Got the Sun in the Morning4:54
2.Moonshine Lullaby3:48
3.If You Can't Give Me Love (piano version)5:08
4.Baby You're a Star3:48
5.Kiss Me Goodbye4:09
6.Back to the Drive4:33
7.I'll Walk Through the Fire With You4:30
8.No Choice5:33
9.I Don't Do Gentle4:26
10.Fifteen Minutes of Fame3:53
11.Whatever Love Is4:44
12.Strict Machine3:11
13.Breaking Dishes4:02
14.A Girl Like Me4:32
15.Singing With Angels3:58
16.Does Your Mama Know (With Andy Scott)2:57
17.The Cost of Living3:41
18.Girl From Detroit City4:07

Disk #4

1.Curly Hair for Sale3:09
2.Sugar Flash Rapper3:34
3.Ain't Got No Home2:21
4.Sweet Nothings2:23
5.Wild in the Night3:18
6.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood2:41
7.What Goes Around (demo version)3:10
8.Love and War3:35
9.Walking Through the Changes3:57
10.Warm Leatherette3:26
11.Intimate Strangers4:24
12.And So to Bed3:33
13.Sometimes Love Is Letting Go (demo version)4:28
14.Flying to My Destiny4:36
15.Free the Butterfly5:06
17.If There Ever Was a Reason4:22
18.Desperado (With Jeff Beck)3:22
19.Dancing in the Wind (demo version)4:50
20.No Choice (demo version)3:57

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