The Golden Year mp3 Album by Où Est Le Swimming Pool
  • 12 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 40:30


1.You Started3:28
2.The Key3:44
3.These New Knights3:26
4.Dance the Way I Feel3:27
7.Jackson's Last Stand3:06
8.Our Lives3:47
10.Get Along3:13
11.Curtain Falls2:48
12.Next to Nothing3:20
For me there is not much wrong with Ou Est Le Swimming Pool’s The Golden Year. I love The retro feel about the album and it makes you want to dance. It reminds me alot of the 80’s which was a gold mine of in the world of music. It did take a few listens to really get into but after that it is so good and that everything will be better because you have listened to it.