The Hollow Lands mp3 Album by Spirits Burning & Michael Moorcok
  • 18 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:16:15


1.To Hollow Lands4:28
2.Isn't It Delicious?4:09
3.Playing at Ships4:44
4.Dance Through Time5:36
5.Warm Snow Peaks2:53
6.The Hunt1:51
7.A Haze of Crimson Light4:01
8.Conflict & Illusions5:44
9.Robot Nurse & The Children of the Pit6:11
10.A Conversation with H.G. Wells6:04
11.Awful Dilemma3:55
12.Mr. Underwood's Soliloquy3:42
13.Time Machine Cabriolet3:20
14.We May yet Be Saved2:38
15.Morphail Megaflow5:26
16.Memorable Night at Café Royal5:26
17.To the Time Machine, At Last3:08
18.Make a Fire2:59