The Who Sell Out (Super Deluxe Edition) mp3 Album by The Who

The Who Sell Out (Super Deluxe Edition)by The Who

  • 114 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 5:41:52


Disk #1

1.Armenia City In The Sky (Mono Version)3:46
2.Heinz Baked Beans (Mono Version)0:59
3.Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (Mono Version)2:35
4.Odorono (Mono Version)2:31
5.Tattoo (Mono Version)2:49
6.Our Love Was (Mono Version)3:24
7.I Can See For Miles (Mono Version)4:07
8.I Can't Reach You (Mono Version)3:27
9.Medac (Mono Version)0:56
10.Relax (Mono Version)2:39
11.Silas Stingy (Mono Version)3:01
12.Sunrise (Mono Version)3:03
13.Rael (Pt.1 & Pt.2 / Track Records Run Out Groove / Mono Version)5:53
14.Pictures Of Lily (Single Mix / Mono Version)2:46
15.Doctor, Doctor (Single Mix / Mono Version)3:01
16.The Last Time (Uk Single Mix / Mono Version)2:51
17.Under My Thumb (Uk Single Mix / Mono Version)2:37
18.I Can See For Miles (Us Single Mix / Mono Version)4:03
19.Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (Us Single Mix / Mono Version)3:20
20.Someone's Coming (Us Single Mix / Mono Version)2:32
21.Early Morning Cold Taxi (Incl. "Radio London News Bulletin" Jingle / 1967 Mono Version)2:59
22.Jaguar (Incl. "Radio London News Bulletin" Jingle / 1967 Mono Version)2:56
23.Tattoo (Early Alternate Mix / Mono Version)3:05
24.Rael (Pt.1 & Pt.2 / Early 'talentmasters' Mix / Mono Version)5:58
25.Sunn Equipment Promo Spots (Mono Version)2:42
26.Great Shakes (Unreleased Us Radio Commerical / Mono Version)1:05
27.Our Love Was (Take 12 Rejected Mono Mix)3:25
28.Rael (Early Mono Version)5:46
29.I Can See For Miles (Early Mono Version)4:02
30.Someone's Coming (Uk Single Mix / Mono Version)2:35
31.Magic Bus (Us / Uk Mono Version)3:20
32.Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Us Single Mix / Mono Version)2:25

Disk #2

1.Armenia City In The Sky (Incl. Two Radio London Jingles)3:50
2.Heinz Baked Beans (Incl. "More Music" Jingle)1:01
3.Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (Acoustic / Incl. "Premier Drums Commercial" / Radio London Jingle)2:34
4.Odorono (Incl. Radio London "Smooth Sailing" Jingle)2:35
5.Tattoo (Incl. "Church Of Your Choice" Jingle)2:54
6.Our Love Was (Incl. "Pussycat, Speakeasy & Rotosound" Jingles)3:25
7.I Can See For Miles4:10
8.I Can't Reach You (Incl. "Charles Atlas" Commercial)3:31
11.Silas Stingy3:06
13.Rael (Pt.1 & Pt.2)5:39
14.Rael Naïve (Full Coda)1:38
15.Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (Mirasound Version)3:25
16.Someone's Coming2:33
17.Summertime Blues2:38
18.Glittering Girl3:05
19.Early Morning Cold Taxi2:59
20.Girl's Eyes2:52
21.Coke After Coke1:09
22.Sodding About2:51
23.Things Go Better With Coke0:31
24.In The Hall Of The Mountain King4:27
26.Rael (Pt.1 & Pt. 2 / Ibc Remake)6:26

Disk #3

1.Glittering Girl (Take 4 / 2018 Mix)3:29
2.Girl’s Eyes (Take 2 / 2018 Mix)3:59
3.The Last Time (Take 8 / 2018 Mix)3:52
4.Under My Thumb (Take 3 / 2018 Mix)3:13
5.Our Love Was (Take 2)3:21
6.Relax (4-Track To 4-Track Mix / 2018 Mix)3:23
7.Relax (Take 1 & 2 / 2018 Mix)1:58
8.Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (Take 1 & 9 / 2018 Mix)3:43
9.Relax (Remake Take 4)2:38
10.I Can See For Miles (Full Version)4:54
11.Medac (Take 11)1:14
12.Odorono (Take 3 / Full Version / 2018 Mix)2:48
13.Heinz Baked Beans (Take 1 & 3 / 2018 Mix)2:17
14.Top Gear (Take 1, 2 & 5 / 2018 Mix)3:04
15.Premier Drums (Take 1 & 4 / 2018 Mix)2:17
16.Charles Atlas (Take 1)0:33
17.Rotosound Strings (Take 1 / 2018 Mix)0:16
18.Track Records (2018 Mix)0:34
19.John Mason Cars / Speakeasy / Rotosound Strings / Bag O’ Nails (2018 Mix)1:02
20.It's A Girl (Aka 'glow Girl') (Take 2, 3 & 4)3:21
21.Mr. Hyde (Aka ‘dr. Jekyll And Mr Hyde’) (Take 7 / First Stage Master / 2018 Mix)2:42
22.Little Billy (Aka 'little Billy's Doing Fine') (Take 1 & 3)4:14
23.Mrs. Walker (Aka ‘glow Girl’) (Take 7 / 4-Track To 4-Track Mix)2:31
24.Lightning (Aka 'call Me Lightning') (Take 1 & 8)6:13
25.Dogs (Take 2)3:15
26.Melancholia (Take 1)3:51
27.Shakin’ All Over (Take 3)1:35
28.Magic Bus (Take 6)3:19

Disk #4

1.Glow Girl (2018 Mix)2:27
2.Faith In Something Bigger (2018 Mix)3:10
3.Dr.Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (2018 Mix)2:39
4.Call Me Lightning (2018 Mix)2:24
5.Little Billy’s Doing Fine (2018 Mix)2:19
6.Dogs (2018 Mix)3:10
7.Melancholia (2018 Mix)3:22
8.Fortune Teller (2018 Mix)2:23
9.Facts Of Life (Aka Birds And Bees) (Backing Track / 2018 Mix)3:23
10.Magic Bus (Unedited Stereo Mix)3:23
11.Call Me Lightning (Single Mix / Mono Version)2:25
12.Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Uk Single Mix / Mono Version)2:39
13.Dogs (Single Mix / Mono Version)3:07
14.Magic Bus (Long Version / Mono Version)4:35

Disk #5

1.Kids! Do You Want Kids (Pete Townshend Demo)1:40
2.Relax (Pete Townshend Demo)3:43
3.Glow Girl (Pete Townshend Demo)3:28
4.Glow Girl (Version 2 / Pete Townshend Demo)3:04
5.Inside Outside (Pete Townshend Demo)3:09
6.Jaguar (Pete Townshend Demo)3:02
7.Little Billy (Pete Townshend Demo)2:15
8.Odorono (Pete Townshend Demo)3:12
9.Pictures Of Lily (Pete Townshend Demo / New 2018 Mix)3:28
10.Relax (Version 2 / Pete Townshend Demo)2:23
11.Melancholia (Pete Townshend Demo / 2018 Mix)3:07
12.Thinking (Aka 'sunrise') (Version 2 / Pete Townshend Demo)3:12
13.Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (Pete Townshend Demo)3:17
14.I Can See For Miles (Pete Townshend Demo)4:16