The Hopkins Brothers - Joe, Lightnin' & John Henry mp3 Album by Lightnin' Hopkins

The Hopkins Brothers - Joe, Lightnin' & John Henryby Lightnin' Hopkins

  • 17 Tracks
  • 256 kbps
  • 1:05:21


1.See About My Brother John Henr4:22
2.Hot Blooded Woman2:05
3.Black Hannah6:05
4.I Want To Go Fishing4:53
5.Doin' Little Heiffer4:31
6.Hey, Baby, Hey4:59
7.Saddle Up My Grey Mare3:08
8.Tell Me, Tell Me3:35
9.Little Girl4:05
10.I Got A Brother In Waxahachie3:49
11.Match Box Blues2:24
12.Home With Mama3:19
13.Come Down To My House4:14
14.Grosebeck Blues4:27
15.The Dice Game1:19
16.I Walked From Dallas3:50
17.Two Brothers Playing (Going Ba4:16