The Journey, Part 2 mp3 Artist Compilation by The Kinks

The Journey, Part 2by The Kinks

  • 34 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:48:16


1.Till the End of the Day2:20
3.David Watts2:29
4.This Time Tomorrow (alternate take, 2020 mix)3:13
5.A Well Respected Man2:41
7.Scrapheap City3:16
8.He’s Evil3:23
10.Sunny Afternoon3:33
11.Animal Farm3:02
12.Creeping Jean (by Dave Davies)3:13
13.Two Sisters2:00
14.See My Friends2:44
15.Money Talks (2023 mix)3:51
16.No Return2:01
17.Don’t You Fret2:44
18.I Need You2:24
19.Rainy Day in June3:07
20.Dedicated Follower of Fashion3:01
21.Where Are They Now? (2023 mix)3:32
22.Wicked Annabella2:45
24.Susannah’s Still Alive (by Dave Davies)2:19
25.20th Century Man5:39
26.Sitting by the Riverside2:26
27.Artificial Man (2023 mix)5:30
28.New Victoria Suite – Everybody’s a Star (Starmaker) (live 1975, 2023 mix)3:29
29.New Victoria Suite – Slum Kids (live 1975, 2023 mix)4:25
30.New Victoria Suite – A Face in the Crowd (live 1975, 2023 mix)2:52
31.Holiday Romance3:11
32.Big Sky2:53
33.Lincoln County (by Dave Davies)3:20
34.God’s Children3:18