The Legacy Collection: Robin Hood mp3 Soundtrack by Various Artists

The Legacy Collection: Robin Hoodby Various Artists

  • 41 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:30:24


Disk #1

1.Main Titleby George Bruns0:53
2.Whistle Stopby Roger Miller2:50
3.Oo-De-Lallyby Roger Miller1:00
4.Hail Johnby George Bruns1:53
5.It's Only a Circusby George Bruns & Roger Miller1:18
6.Fortune Tellersby George Bruns & Roger Miller3:07
7.Enter the Sheriffby Roger Miller1:39
8.Skippy's Birthday Giftby George Bruns & Roger Miller3:34
9.A Lost Arrowby George Bruns1:22
10.Meeting Maid Marianby George Bruns & Floyd Huddleston2:54
11.To the Winnerby George Bruns1:34
12.The Archery Affairby George Bruns1:54
13.Fooling Ol' Bushel Britchesby George Bruns2:02
14.Archer's Processionalby George Bruns & Roger Miller1:05
15.Sir Hiss Suspectsby George Bruns & Floyd Huddleston0:36
16.Well, Wellby George Bruns2:01
17.The Loserby George Bruns & Floyd Huddleston2:14
18.Seize the Fat Oneby George Bruns & Floyd Huddleston3:36
19.Fight on Wisconsinby George Bruns0:37
20.There You Areby George Bruns0:22
21.Loveby Nancy Adams1:57
22.The Phony King of Englandby Phil Harris & Andy Devine2:46
23.Double the Taxesby George Bruns0:48
24.Not in Nottinghamby Roger Miller5:07
25.Not Yourself Todayby George Bruns4:04
26.Bird Brainby George Bruns4:04
27.Lower the Bridgeby George Bruns6:14
28.All's Well That Ends Wellby Nancy Adams & Disney Studio Chorus2:02

Disk #2

1.Whistle Stop (Ragtime Demo)by Roger Miller2:22
2.Oo-De-Lally (Country Western Score Demo)by Roger Miller0:58
3.Not in Nottingham (Prince John Demo)by Peter Ustinov1:03
4.Love (Robin Hood Version)by Pete Renoudet3:40
5.The Phony King of England (Country Western Version)by Phil Harris, Andy Devine & Disney Studio Chorus2:42
6.King Louie and Robin Hoodby Louis Prima1:24
7.Robin and Meby Louis Prima1:40
8.Sherwood Forestby Louis Prima3:15
9.The Phony King of England (Louis Prima & Disney Children's Chorus)by Louis Prima & Disney Children's Chorus2:10
10.Friar Tuck (Louis Prima)by Louis Prima1:50
11.Merry Men (Louis Prima & Disney Children's Chorus)by Louis Prima & Disney Children's Chorus1:35
12.Love (Louis Prima)by Louis Prima1:56
13.Robin Hood (Louis Prima)by Louis Prima2:16