The Lord of the Rings Online: Update 22 - Legacy of the Necromancer mp3 Soundtrack by Bill Champagne

The Lord of the Rings Online: Update 22 - Legacy of the Necromancerby Bill Champagne

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:43:20


1.The Razed Strongholdby Bill Champagne3:00
2.Darkness and Hopeby Bill Champagne3:23
3.The River Runningby Bill Champagne3:46
4.Enemies in the Forestby Bill Champagne2:07
5.The Bells of Daleby Bill Champagne4:04
6.A Jangovar Invasionby Bill Champagne2:25
7.Far From Homeby Bill Champagne3:00
8.As Dale Slumbersby Bill Champagne4:36
9.Between Lake and Mountainby Bill Champagne4:58
10.Forces From the Eastby Bill Champagne2:34
11.Tales of Dragonboneby Bill Champagne3:59
12.Eyes Among the Shadowsby Bill Champagne4:37
13.The Jolly Bellby Bill Champagne4:13
14.Life in Laketownby Bill Champagne5:13
15.Spying Eyesby Bill Champagne2:12
16.Lingering Shadowby Bill Champagne5:43
17.Plans of the Dark Lordby Bill Champagne7:11
18.The Broken Fortressby Bill Champagne4:35
19.Long Lake Serenadeby Bill Champagne4:22
20.The Kingdom of Ereborby Bill Champagne3:37
21.Unrest in the Dale Landsby Bill Champagne2:25
22.The Razing of Dol Guldurby Bill Champagne0:41
23.Quiet Evening in the Tavernby Bill Champagne3:27
24.The Living Woodby Bill Champagne4:00
25.Where the Armies Battledby Bill Champagne2:10
26.The Seekers of Refugeby Bill Champagne2:29
27.Under Shadowed Boughsby Bill Champagne4:28
28.The Land of Hope Returningby Bill Champagne4:05