The Lord of the Rings Online: Update 23 - Where Dragons Dwell (Original Game Soundtrack) mp3 Soundtrack by Bill Champagne

The Lord of the Rings Online: Update 23 - Where Dragons Dwell (Original Game Soundtrack)by Bill Champagne

  • 38 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:54:24


1.The Halls of Thikil-gunduby Bill Champagne5:21
2.Melee in the Minesby Bill Champagne2:22
3.Challenging the Weeping Warriorby Bill Champagne5:11
4.Travellers in the Ironfoldby Bill Champagne5:33
5.Invaders from Rhunby Bill Champagne2:34
6.Iron Hard and Iron Coldby Bill Champagne4:48
7.The Glory of Skarhaldby Bill Champagne6:25
8.A Clash of Ironby Bill Champagne2:19
9.Where Dragons Dwell and Kingdoms Fellby Bill Champagne6:03
10.Fighting in the Ruinsby Bill Champagne2:55
11.The Caverns of Thrumfallby Bill Champagne4:17
12.A Troll of Two Mindsby Bill Champagne3:23
13.The Lonely Hillsby Bill Champagne4:59
14.The Power of Kalemby Bill Champagne5:35
15.A Strike in Stormwallby Bill Champagne2:33
16.Travellers on the Dark Roadby Bill Champagne5:35
17.Etterfang Revealedby Bill Champagne3:51
18.Memories of Tharrazharby Bill Champagne5:42
19.Enemy of the Dwarvesby Bill Champagne2:21
20.The Remnants of Grarikby Bill Champagne4:45
21.The Glimmerdeepby Bill Champagne6:03
22.Skirmish in the Foothillsby Bill Champagne3:02
23.Before the Grey Wrackby Bill Champagne4:13
24.Karazgar's Promiseby Bill Champagne9:54
25.Terror in the Steel Keepby Bill Champagne3:02
26.Cracks in the Ironfortby Bill Champagne5:36
27.The Frost hordeby Bill Champagne3:52
28.Dungeons Deep and Caverns Oldby Bill Champagne4:31
29.The Forges of Hammersteadby Bill Champagne4:48
30.The Herald of Winterby Bill Champagne8:22
31.A Difficult Encounterby Bill Champagne2:43
32.Dwarves Will Fight for Dwarvesby Bill Champagne2:26
33.Lament of the Longbeardsby Bill Champagne5:19
34.Fury of the First Ageby Bill Champagne4:26
35.The Withered Heathby Bill Champagne4:37
36.Jarnfast Jig - Update 23by Bill Champagne5:05
37.The Anvil of Winterstithby Bill Champagne5:32
38.Mystery of Wistmead (Bonus Track)by Bill Champagne4:21