The New Album mp3 Soundtrack by LazyTown

The New Albumby LazyTown

  • 45 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:19:14


1.No One Is Lazy in Lazytown (2007 version)by LazyTown2:39
2.Bing Bang Rockby LazyTown0:50
3.When We Play in a Bandby LazyTown2:02
4.We Will Be Friendsby LazyTown2:22
5.We Got Energyby LazyTown1:38
6.Time to Start the Showby LazyTown1:59
7.Time to Playby LazyTown1:52
8.The Greatest Genieby LazyTown1:37
9.Techno Generationby LazyTown1:26
10.Storytimeby LazyTown1:34
11.Snow, Give Me Snowby LazyTown1:52
12.Playing on the Playgroundby LazyTown2:06
13.New Games Everydayby LazyTown1:36
14.Let's Goby LazyTown2:21
15.Lazy Rocketsby LazyTown1:34
16.I Wanna Danceby LazyTown1:19
17.I Like Learningby LazyTown1:36
18.Fun to Be the Mayorby LazyTown1:25
19.Coloursby LazyTown1:53
20.Clean Upby LazyTown1:47
21.No One Is Lazy in Lazytown (2007 version) (karaoke)by LazyTown2:40
22.Bing Bang Rock (karaoke)by LazyTown0:50
23.When We Play in a Band (karaoke)by LazyTown2:02
24.We Will Be Friends (karaoke)by LazyTown2:22
25.We Got Energy (karaoke)by LazyTown1:39
26.Time to Start the Show (karaoke)by LazyTown2:00
27.Time to Play (karaoke)by LazyTown1:52
28.The Greatest Genie (karaoke)by LazyTown1:38
29.Techno Generation (karaoke)by LazyTown1:26
30.Story Time (karaoke)by LazyTown1:34
31.Snow, Give Me Snow (karaoke)by LazyTown1:52
32.Playing on the Playground (karaoke)by LazyTown2:07
33.New Games Everyday (karaoke)by LazyTown1:35
34.Let's Go (karaoke)by LazyTown2:21
35.Lazy Rockets (karaoke)by LazyTown1:35
36.I Wanna Dance (karaoke)by LazyTown1:19
37.I Like Learning (karaoke)by LazyTown1:36
38.Fun to Be the Mayor (karaoke)by LazyTown1:26
39.Colours (karaoke)by LazyTown1:53
40.Clean Up (karaoke)by LazyTown1:47
41.Bing Bang (Time to dance) (single mix)by LazyTown3:15
42.Welcome to Lazytown (Christmas version)by LazyTown0:50
43.Anything Can Happenby LazyTown1:20
44.Good to Be Badby LazyTown2:03
45.Bing Bang (Circus version)by LazyTown0:44