The Next Generation mp3 Album by Sweetbox

The Next Generationby Sweetbox

  • 16 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 59:22


1.We Can Work It Out3:46
2.You Don't Know What You're Sor3:46
3.In A Heartbeat3:45
4.With A Love Like You4:28
5.Everything Is Nothing3:37
6.Crash Landed2:55
7.Everything's Gonna Be Alright2:56
8.Blue Angel3:08
10.Everybody Come Out In The Suns3:45
11.These Dayz3:48
12.More Than You'll Ever Know3:53
13.When Will It Be Me?3:55
14.Coming Home To You4:16
15.Love Forgets3:58
16.Everything's Gonna Be Alright4:04

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Mp3Caprice Moderator
The Next Generation is the seventh studio album of international pop music project, Sweetbox. It was released in 2009. It is the first album to have Jamie Pineda as front woman after Jade Villalon. The new sound that came with a new singer now featured more powerful R'B-influenced ballads and few dance tunes.The album belongs to the element Sweetbox is known for -- the mixing of classical and pop music. The Next Generation had great success in Japan and Korea. It peaked in the top 10 on several charts for both countries.