The Parody Album mp3 Album by Chris Moyles

The Parody Albumby Chris Moyles

  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:11:26


1.My Parody Album4:04
3.Meat Again3:16
5.Funeral Song3:26
6.The Boy Does Plenty3:46
7.Barack Obama3:20
9.Album Track3:31
10.Dance Wiv Me3:06
11.Nana Window2:51
12.I Predict A Diet3:55
13.Davina McCall3:19
15.Dicky Tum2:32
16.Dogs Don't Kill People3:02
17.Addicted To Plaice3:41
18.Big Bum3:22
19.It's Never Gonna Snow3:33
20.Last Track5:51

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The “The Parody Album“ was released by an English author, broadcaster and DJ, Christopher David "Chris" Moyles, who presents nowadays his own show 4, Chris Moyles' Quiz Nigh,t and The Chris Moyles Show. “The Parody Album“contains parodies which became famous on Chris Moyles' show “Radio 1”, including original compositions and new parodies. The album reflects many members of team of The Chris Moyles Show including Carrie Prideaux, Dominic Byrne and Comedy Dave. On his show Chris told that he was proud of the album.