Teenage Dream mp3 Album by Katy Perry

Teenage Dreamby Katy Perry

  • 14 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 58:32


1.Teenage Dream3:48
2.Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)3:51
3.California Gurls (Feat Snoop Dogg)3:56
6.Circle The Drain4:33
7.The One That Got Away3:47
9.Who Am I Living For?4:09
11.Hummingbird Heartbeat3:32
12.Not Like The Movies4:01
13.California Gurls (Passion Pit Remix)5:12
14.Teenage Dream (Kaskade Club Mix)6:28
Not a bad effort
Teenage Dream is Katy Perry's sophomore album. One of the Boys was acclaimed highly by reviewers, so everyone was interested to see what controversy Katy could stir up this time. One of the Boys was a pop rock genre album, but Teenage Dream is completely different from that. This album I wouldn't say is as good as One of the Boys and if you loved that album, then I don't think you'll like this album as much. The second single, that shares the same title of the album, Teenage Dream, is the closest you will get to anything that sounds like what she did on One of the Boys, which is why Teenage Dream is my favourite song off the album. Teenage Dream is full of fun poppy songs, with nonsensical lyrics, for example E.T, Firework and California Girls. The songs nontheless are fun and catchy, and also great to sing along to, but it's like Katy has lost her roots and is trying hard to be something she's not. I would suggest in future that Katy sticks to what made her famous, and not write rubbish lyrics like "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?" You will enjoy this album if you want an album full of catchy songs to dance about the house to, or at a party. But if you want a more mature sound I suggest you seek out Katy's first album. Songs I would suggest for download:Teenage Dream, Hummingbird Heartbeat, E.T
Impressed with this sophmore album. She has progressed from the shock value songs (I kissed a Girl) to more substantial songs (firework and teanage dream). She still includes her shock value songs in this album also (Peacock and Last friday night) which are very funny. I am not a huge Kanye West fan, so I don't care for the E.T song, I think she could link herself with much better names. But overall a good follow up album, looking forward to see what she does next.
After about two years, Katy Perry came out with her sophomore release, Teenage Dream. I really don't think very highly of this album--and that's being generous. She is generally uncreative, and hasn't come up with recent material. One of the main requirements of modern music is to be catchy, and Perry fails in that aspect. Songs like California Gurls (not to be confused with the Beach Boys song-later covered by David Lee Roth-that actually uses proper spelling) and Teenage Dream do not stay with the listener. Also, I was surprised that Snoop Dogg was in California Gurls, but I then remembered that he never turns down work that pays. The other song, Firework, also isn't that catchy, and uses annoying skips in the vocals. The chorus and prechorus are the same, which really shows how lazy she is. She did have some okay songs on her debut, Hot N Cold and her cover of I Kissed a Girl (yes, it's a cover), for example, but quality went down on here. The song Teenage Dream is...well...kind of obscure, as nobody really knows what a teenage dream is. The song is obviously about love and sex. Also, the album cover is annoying, as you can see her lying face down on a cloud to censor her cleavage, and a cloud censors her ass. I have no idea why she would put out such an album cover, even when her target audience ranges from 5-14. By the way, unlike some reviewers here, sales do not make good music. Look at more obscure artists. Many of those artists are 10000 times BETTER than Katy Perry. Well written songs are not soely dependent on sales. Heavy metal, although ignored by the mainstream, is the most complex and diverse genre of music out there. Songwriting ability is NEEDED for this genre, and certain subgenres can appeal to almost anyone. There are even talented electronic musicians, you just need to look. People are so lazy today that they will depend on the radio to pick their tastes. Music has gone down the crapper.
Kissing women as a slippery Trademark for Fastfood listeners and old cool bags. Both target groups are well served, the rest is left blank against it completely.

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Katy Perry has really come along way. I actually came across her for my first time on myspace way before she had any of her cd's out. all she had was one song on her page "Fingerprints". I listened and I liked it, so I added her on my favorites. then she came out with all her other songs like I kissed a girl and others. I love her first cd "One of the boys", but This CD is also another pick. I love love love Firework! Makes me want to dance! lol. I don't know if I really care for her album cover though, Do you really have to be naked on a cover in order to help sell an album? thats my only dislike.
This is every teenage girls dream. My girlfriend listens to this 24/7 and i bought it on here and burned her a copy! Overall Peacock is a very underrated song and it is similair to Lady Gagas "Love game." Overall this album will win a grammy and Katy Perry has a very bright future ahead of her.
God Bless, Nick
Teenage Dream is the future top selling album of the year. With refreshing hit songs, one after another, this album shows us what real music is. Definetely an amazing album, well worth the money.
Katy's second album looks set to take off, just as her first album did. With remix's of her new single 'Teenage dream' this could well be one of the years best albums. It's a must buy.