The Pearl Sessions mp3 Album by Janis Joplin

The Pearl Sessionsby Janis Joplin

  • 36 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:12:53


Disk #1

1.Move Over3:41
2.Cry Baby3:57
3.A Woman Left Lonely3:28
4.Half Moon3:52
5.Buried Alive in the Blues2:25
6.My Baby3:44
7.Me and Bobby McGee4:30
8.Mercedes Benz1:46
9.Trust Me3:16
10.Get It While You Can3:23
11.Me and Bobby McGee (mono single)4:09
12.Half Moon (mono single)3:54
13.Cry Baby (mono single)3:58
14.Get It While You Can (mono single)3:28
15.Move Over (single version)3:41
16.A Woman Left Lonely (mono single)4:49

Disk #2

1.Overheard in the Studio...0:40
2.Get It While You Can (take 3)3:39
3.Overheard in the Studio...1:40
4.Get It While You Can (take 5)3:45
5.Overheard in the Studio...2:30
6.Move Over (take 6)4:05
7.Move Over (take 13)4:37
8.Move Over (take 17)4:07
9.Me and Bobby McGee (demo version)4:47
10.Me and Bobby McGee (take 5)4:50
11.Cry Baby (alternate version)4:57
12.A Woman Left Lonely (alternate vocal)3:35
13.Overheard in the Studio...2:29
14.My Baby (alternate take)3:55
15.Overheard in the Studio...2:34
16.Get It While You Can (take 3)3:32
17.My Baby (alternate version)3:59
18.Pearl (instrumental)4:27
19.Tell Mama (live version)6:37
20.Half Moon (live From "The Dick Cavett Show")4:07