The Perfect Blues Collection mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Perfect Blues Collectionby Various Artists

  • 301 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 18:49:41


Disk #1

1.St. Louis Bluesby Bessie Smith3:12
2.I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddleby Bessie Smith3:24
3.You've Been a Good Ole Wagonby Bessie Smith3:30
4.Sobbin' Hearted Bluesby Bessie Smith3:02
5.Reckless Bluesby Bessie Smith3:05
6.J.C. Holmes Bluesby Bessie Smith3:05
7.Careless Love Bluesby Bessie Smith3:27
8.Cold in Hand Bluesby Bessie Smith3:14
9.Nashville Woman's Bluesby Bessie Smith3:45
10.Jailhouse Bluesby Bessie Smith3:16
11.Ticket Agent Ease Your Window Downby Bessie Smith3:20
12.Down Hearted Bluesby Bessie Smith3:28

Disk #2

1.Big Bill Bluesby Big Bill Broonzy3:33
2.Hey Hey Babyby Big Bill Broonzy3:39
3.Low Land Bluesby Big Bill Broonzy4:41
4.House Rent Stompby Big Bill Broonzy3:18
5.Make My Gatawayby Big Bill Broonzy3:47
6.John Henryby Big Bill Broonzy3:03
7.Feeling' Low Downby Big Bill Broonzy3:26
8.Black, Brown & Whiteby Big Bill Broonzy3:10
9.Blues in 1890by Big Bill Broonzy3:40
10.Willie Mae Bluesby Big Bill Broonzy2:36
11.Guitar Shuffleby Big Bill Broonzy3:30
12.In the Eveningby Big Bill Broonzy4:48
13.What I Used to Doby Big Bill Broonzy3:15
14.Lonesome Road Bluesby Big Bill Broonzy3:18

Disk #3

1.Aint Nothin' Happenin'by Little Richard2:12
2.Why Did You Leave Meby Little Richard2:33
3.Every Hourby Little Richard2:53
4.I Brought It All on Myselfby Little Richard2:54
5.Taxi Bluesby Little Richard2:18
6.Get Rich Quickby Little Richard2:16
7.Please Have Mercy on Meby Little Richard2:32
8.Thinkin' 'Bout My Motherby Little Richard2:54
9.Crazy Lipsby Buck Ram2:38
10.Any Hourby Buck Ram2:39
11.Hey Operatorby Buck Ram2:37
12.That's a Lot of Brassby Buck Ram2:33

Disk #4

1.An Evening Prayerby Mahalia Jackson3:23
2.I'm on My Wayby Mahalia Jackson3:31
3.A City Called Heavenby Mahalia Jackson3:53
4.It Don't Cost Very Muchby Mahalia Jackson3:21
5.Walk Over God's Heavenby Mahalia Jackson3:07
6.The Lord's Prayerby Mahalia Jackson3:50
7.Didn't It Rainby Mahalia Jackson3:08
8.God Is Realby Mahalia Jackson3:46
9.He's Got the Whole World in His Handsby Mahalia Jackson2:42
10.I'm Going to Live the Life I Sing About in My Songby Mahalia Jackson4:08
11.Joshua Fit the Battle of Jerichoby Mahalia Jackson2:35
12.His Eye Is on the Sparrowby Mahalia Jackson4:38

Disk #5

1.My Storyby Chuck Willis3:16
2.I Feel So Badby Chuck Willis2:55
3.You're Still My Babyby Chuck Willis3:13
4.Lawly Miss Maryby Chuck Willis2:12
5.Need the One More Chanceby Chuck Willis3:00
6.Caldoniaby Chuck Willis2:26
7.Don't Deceive Meby Chuck Willis3:05
8.One More Breakby Chuck Willis2:34
9.I Can Tellby Chuck Willis2:56
10.Search My Heartby Chuck Willis2:22
11.Love-Struckby Chuck Willis2:23
12.Charged with Cheatingby Chuck Willis3:02

Disk #6

1.That's All Rightby Elvis Presley1:59
2.Lawdy, Miss Clawdyby Elvis Presley2:10
3.Mystery Trainby Elvis Presley2:30
4.Playing for Keepsby Elvis Presley2:54
5.Poor Boyby Elvis Presley2:16
6.My Baby Left Meby Elvis Presley2:16
7.I Was the Oneby Elvis Presley2:35
8.Shake, Rattle and Rollby Elvis Presley2:29
9.I'm Left, You're Right, She's Goneby Elvis Presley2:39
10.You're a Heartbreakerby Elvis Presley2:11

Disk #7

1.I'll Always Be in Loveby Jimmy Whitherspoon4:01
2.Gee, Baby Ain't It Good to Youby Jimmy Whitherspoon3:48
3.See See Riderby Jimmy Whitherspoon4:12
4.I Make a Lot of Moneyby Jimmy Whitherspoon2:40
5.Blowin' the Bluesby Jimmy Whitherspoon3:03
6.Taint Nobody's Businessby Jimmy Whitherspoon4:40
7.Everything You Do Is Wrongby Jimmy Whitherspoon4:44
8.Roll 'em Peteby Jimmy Whitherspoon5:59

Disk #8

1.Cross Road Bluesby Robert Johnson2:31
2.Terraplane Bluesby Robert Johnson3:03
3.Come On in My Kitchenby Robert Johnson2:54
4.Walkin' Bluesby Robert Johnson2:32
5.Last Fair Deal Gone Downby Robert Johnson2:41
6.32-20 Bluesby Robert Johnson2:52
7.Kind Hearted Woman Bluesby Robert Johnson2:53
8.If I Had Possession Over Judgement Dayby Robert Johnson2:38
9.Preachin' Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)by Robert Johnson2:54
10.When You Got a Good Friendby Robert Johnson2:40
11.Ramblin' on My Mindby Robert Johnson2:53
12.Stones in My Passwayby Robert Johnson2:30
13.Traveling Riverside Bluesby Robert Johnson2:49
14.Milkcow's Calf Bluesby Robert Johnson2:19
15.Me and the Devil Bluesby Robert Johnson2:36
16.Hell Hound on My Trailby Robert Johnson2:40
17.Traveling Riverside Blues (alternate take)by Robert Johnson2:40

Disk #9

1.The Skies Are Cryingby Sonny Boy Williamson / Memphis Slim4:37
2.Your Funeral and My Trialby Sonny Boy Williamson / Memphis Slim4:07
3.Explain Yourself to Meby Sonny Boy Williamson / Memphis Slim4:40
4.Nine Below Zeroby Sonny Boy Williamson / Memphis Slim3:40
5.Fattening Frogs for Snakesby Sonny Boy Williamson / Memphis Slim5:40
6.My One Room Cabinby Sonny Boy Williamson / Memphis Slim4:19
7.Getting Out of Townby Sonny Boy Williamson / Memphis Slim5:32

Disk #10

1.Unforgettableby Aretha Franklin3:43
2.Cold, Cold Heartby Aretha Franklin4:38
3.What a Diff'rence a Day Makesby Aretha Franklin3:34
4.Drinking Againby Aretha Franklin3:31
5.Nobody Knows the Way I Feelby Aretha Franklin5:13
6.Evil Gal Bluesby Aretha Franklin2:43
7.Don't Say You're Sorry Againby Aretha Franklin2:48
8.This Bitter Earthby Aretha Franklin4:36
9.If I Should Lose Youby Aretha Franklin3:39
10.Soulvilleby Aretha Franklin2:23
11.Lee Crossby Aretha Franklin3:19

Disk #11

1.Death Letterby Son House4:21
2.Pearlineby Son House4:34
3.Louise McGheeby Son House6:14
4.John the Revelatorby Son House2:32
5.Empire State Expressby Son House3:41
6.Preachin' Bluesby Son House5:46
7.Grinning in Your Faceby Son House2:08
8.Sundownby Son House6:14
9.Levee Camp Moanby Son House9:28

Disk #12

1.Two for the Price of Oneby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson3:23
2.Keep On Lovin' Youby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:43
3.Ask Meby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:36
4.Ain't Gonna Moveby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:15
5.Mercy, Mercy, Mercyby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:57
6.Too Lateby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:25
7.Love Is Such a Funny Thingby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:44
8.Takin' No Chancesby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:15
9.I'd Rather Fight Than Switchby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:55
10.A Quitter Never Winsby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:44
11.Nobodyby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:37
12.Find Yourself Someone to Loveby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:04
13.Feverby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson4:41
14.Cokeby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:16
15.Unchained My Heartby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson3:16
16.Comin' Home Babyby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson3:19
17.Skate Keyby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson2:28
18.Summertimeby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson3:10
19.Makin' Whoopeeby Larry Williams & Johnny Watson5:00
20.Ain't Misbehavin'by Larry Williams & Johnny Watson3:18

Disk #13

1.The Tricksby Champion Jack Dupree3:48
2.Death of Luther Kingby Champion Jack Dupree5:26
3.Ugly Womanby Champion Jack Dupree3:58
4.In the Eveningby Champion Jack Dupree4:34
5.Take Me Back, Babyby Champion Jack Dupree3:50
6.Early in the Morningby Champion Jack Dupree2:36
7.My Black and White Dogby Champion Jack Dupree5:14
8.My Next Door Neibby Champion Jack Dupree3:46
9.I Had a Dreamby Champion Jack Dupree5:30
10.Goin' to Parisby Champion Jack Dupree4:23
11.I'm Tired of Moanin'by Champion Jack Dupree3:15

Disk #14

1.My Love Depends on Youby Otis Spann5:22
2.Walkin'by Otis Spann2:54
3.It Was a Big Thingby Otis Spann3:27
4.Temperature Is Rising (100.2°F)by Otis Spann6:13
5.Dig Youby Otis Spann3:04
6.No More Doggin'by Otis Spann3:01
7.Ain't Nobody's Businessby Otis Spann5:15
8.She Needs Some Lovingby Otis Spann3:08
9.I Need Some Airby Otis Spann4:41
10.Someday Babyby Otis Spann3:03

Disk #15

1.I'm Yours and I'm Hersby Johnny Winter4:32
2.Be Careful With a Foolby Johnny Winter5:17
3.Dallasby Johnny Winter2:49
4.Mean Mistreaterby Johnny Winter3:55
5.Leland Mississippi Bluesby Johnny Winter3:31
6.Good Morning Little School Girlby Johnny Winter2:46
7.When You Got a Good Friendby Johnny Winter3:42
8.I'll Drown in My Own Tearsby Johnny Winter4:47
9.Back Door Friendby Johnny Winter2:58
10.Country Girlby Johnny Winter3:08
11.Dallas (with band)by Johnny Winter3:37
12.Two Steps From the Bluesby Johnny Winter2:36

Disk #16

1.Yes, You'll Playby Percy Mayfield2:43
2.Live Today Like the Day Beforeby Percy Mayfield2:42
3.The Highway Is Like a Womanby Percy Mayfield3:00
4.Painful Partyby Percy Mayfield3:01
5.You Wear Your Hair Too Longby Percy Mayfield2:58
6.To Live the Pastby Percy Mayfield3:48
7.My Friendby Percy Mayfield3:01
8.A Lying Woman (Not Trustworthy)by Percy Mayfield3:04
9.To Claim It's Loveby Percy Mayfield3:47
10.My Errorby Percy Mayfield2:33
11.The Countryby Percy Mayfield2:30
12.This Time You Suffer Tooby Percy Mayfield3:01

Disk #17

1.Willie and the Hand Jiveby The Johnny Otis Show3:18
2.Cry Me a River Bluesby The Johnny Otis Show4:47
3.Cleanhead's Bluesby The Johnny Otis Show4:55
4.I Got a Galby The Johnny Otis Show2:58
5.Since I Met You Babyby The Johnny Otis Show2:38
6.Baby You Don't Knowby The Johnny Otis Show3:01
7.Preacher's Bluesby The Johnny Otis Show3:28
8.Good Rockin' Tonightby The Johnny Otis Show3:27
9.The Time Machineby The Johnny Otis Show3:31
10.Margie's Boogieby The Johnny Otis Show3:33
11.Little Esther's Blues: Blowtop Bluesby The Johnny Otis Show6:50
12.Kidney Stewby The Johnny Otis Show3:08
13.The Things I Used to Doby The Johnny Otis Show5:00
14.R.M. Bluesby The Johnny Otis Show3:02
15.Shuggie's Boogieby The Johnny Otis Show4:06
16.You Look Better Outby The Johnny Otis Show4:10
17.Goin' Back to The Johnny Otis Show2:46
18.Plastic Manby The Johnny Otis Show4:51
19.Boogie Woogie Bye Byeby The Johnny Otis Show2:39

Disk #18

1.Back Door Manby Willie Dixon6:16
2.I Can't Quit You Babyby Willie Dixon6:45
3.The Seventh Sonby Willie Dixon4:18
4.Spoonfulby Willie Dixon4:58
5.I Ain't Superstitiousby Willie Dixon4:07
6.You Shook Meby Willie Dixon4:18
7.I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Manby Willie Dixon4:52
8.The Little Red Roosterby Willie Dixon3:40
9.The Same Thingby Willie Dixon4:41

Disk #19

1.Blues for Elmore Jamesby Hubert Sumlin2:42
2.Funky Rootsby Hubert Sumlin3:48
3.I Can't Looseby Hubert Sumlin3:42
4.One Downby Hubert Sumlin3:41
5.Willie's Back in Townby Hubert Sumlin2:48
6.Minor Feelingsby Hubert Sumlin3:15
7.Everyday I Have the Bluesby Hubert Sumlin3:33
8.Straight Talkby Hubert Sumlin3:45
9.Little by Littleby Hubert Sumlin3:34
10.When Evelyn's Not Aroundby Hubert Sumlin4:05
11.It Hurts Me Tooby Hubert Sumlin5:30

Disk #20

1.Fishin' Bluesby Taj Mahal2:58
2.Ain't Gwine to Whistle Dixie (Any Mo')by Taj Mahal9:11
3.Sweet Mama Janisseby Taj Mahal3:33
4.Going Up to the Country and Paint My Mailbox Blueby Taj Mahal3:24
5.Big Kneed Galby Taj Mahal5:34
6.You're Going to Need Somebody on Your Bondby Taj Mahal6:14
7.Tom and Sally Drakeby Taj Mahal3:39
8.Diving Duck Bluesby Taj Mahal3:46
9.John, Ain' It Hardby Taj Mahal5:30
10.She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule to Rideby Taj Mahal4:08
11.You Ain't No Street Walker Mama, Honey but I Do Love the Way You Strut Your Stuffby Taj Mahal18:56

Disk #21

1.Mannish Boyby Muddy Waters5:25
2.Bus Driverby Muddy Waters7:48
3.I Want to Be Lovedby Muddy Waters2:21
4.Jealous Hearted Manby Muddy Waters4:25
5.I Can't Be Satisfiedby Muddy Waters3:31
6.The Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock and Roll #2by Muddy Waters3:36
7.Deep Down in Floridaby Muddy Waters5:27
8.Crosseyed Catby Muddy Waters6:01
9.Little Girlby Muddy Waters7:12
10.Walking Through the Parkby Muddy Waters3:55

Disk #22

1.Love Struck Babyby Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble2:24
2.Pride and Joyby Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble3:40
3.Texas Floodby Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble5:21
4.Tell Meby Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble2:49
5.Testifyby Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble3:22
6.Rude Moodby Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble4:40
7.Mary Had a Little Lambby Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble2:47
8.Dirty Poolby Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble5:02
9.I'm Cryin'by Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble3:47
10.Lennyby Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble5:07
11.SRV Speaksby Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble0:37
12.Tin Pan Alley (a.k.a. Roughest Place in Town)by Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble7:42
13.Testify (live)by Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble3:54
14.Mary Had a Little Lamb (live)by Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble3:32
15.Wham! (live)by Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble4:20

Disk #23

1.That's Not Loveby Keb' Mo'4:08
2.Perpetual Blues Machineby Keb' Mo'3:16
3.More Than One Way Homeby Keb' Mo'4:53
4.I'm on Your Sideby Keb' Mo'3:40
5.Just Like Youby Keb' Mo'3:26