The Qontinent: Decade of Dedication mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Qontinent: Decade of Dedicationby Various Artists

  • 91 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 10:14:03


1.Young, Gifted & Proud (The Qontinent Anthem 2017)by Coone4:00
2.Make The World Oursby Hardwell4:08
3.Us Against The World (Da Tweekaz remix) (feat. David Spekter)by Darren Styles3:42
4.Concrete Angel (Coone & Code Black remix) (feat. Christina Novelli)by Gareth Emery3:56
5.Monsterby Sephyx3:12
6.Find Me (and Sound Rush)by DJ Isaac3:10
7.Chapter 20.12 (Sephyx Remix)by Coone3:23
8.Magenta (and DJ Pavo)by Dozer3:20
9.Power Hour (and DJ Isaac)by TNT3:39
10.Jump Upby Crisis Era2:55
11.Pulseby Cyber4:52
12.Great Spirit (Wildstylez Remix) (vs. Vini Vici feat. Hilight Tribe)by Armin van Buuren3:56
13.Psyko Foundation (The Prophet remix)by Psyko Punkz3:39
14.Angels & Demonsby D-Block & S-Te-Fan2:59
15.Bassmodeby Keltek3:12
16.Fluxlandby Zatox2:08
17.Freshby Hard Driver2:56
18.Burn (Sub Zero Project remix)by DJ Isaac4:05
19.Criminal Intentions (and Warface)by Hard Driver3:32
20.Full Mix The Qontinent 2017 By Cooneby Various Artists1:05:12
21.I Am The One (and Villain)by Sub Sonik2:40
22.Get Wild Go Hard (and Hard Driver)by Wildstylez3:12
23.Ready for This (and Sub Zero Project)by Sub Sonik2:56
24.Abandonby Chain Reaction3:13
25.My Way (and Deetox)by Sub Sonik3:11
26.Basswall (and Le Shuuk)by Zatox1:10
27.What I Die For (and Villain)by Hard Driver3:02
28.Murder Youby Sub Sonik2:46
29.Legacy (and Emese)by D-Sturb3:29
30.The Aftershockby Phuture Noize3:48
31.Survivorby DJ Pulse3:52
32.Falling and Fading (and Re-Done)by Degos3:26
33.Never Look Backby MYST4:20
34.Born To Killby Sub Sonik3:40
35.Raw Is My Legacy (and Sub Sonik)by Zatox2:54
36.Deliriumby Clockartz3:45
37.Stresstestby E-Force3:09
38.Middle Finger To The Lawby Break Zero3:33
39.Sucka for Pain (and Outbreak)by Delete3:58
40.FTP (E-Force remix)by Warface3:03
41.Undercover (and Warface)by Radical Redemption2:17
42.Who You're Fucking With (and N-Vitral)by Jack of Sound3:44
43.Full Mix The Qontinent 2017 By Sub Sonikby Various Artists1:09:55
44.The Legacyby Dozer4:00
45.Arise (The Beholder & DJ Zany Remix)by Bulldozer Project5:54
46.Rock Diz (vs. D-Block & S-Te-Fan)by Deepack6:33
47.Her Voice (Headhunterz Remix)by Builder5:38
48.Live The Moment (feat. Sarah Maria)by JDX7:31
49.Reloaded Part 2by Headhunterz3:21
50.Fairyland ReAmp 2012by Francesco Zeta4:39
51.Angel (Hardstyle Masterz Cut)by The Nasty Boyz7:52
52.Shreekby Noisecontrollers6:02
53.Mysteryby Deepack6:08
54.Mayday Dream (Bonzai Tribute) (vs. Deepack)by Coone5:39
55.Communicateby Pavo5:36
56.Under Attack (and Adaro)by Ran-D4:20
57.Stampuhh!! (vs. Deepack)by The Prophet6:19
58.Get Hit (and Sasha F)by Crypsis3:17
59.Skitzo (and Showtek)by Deepack6:34
60.Gold (Bioweapon remix)by Max Enforcer5:29
61.Irreplaceableby Zatox4:35
62.Come As One (Brennan Heart Remix) (vs. The Viper)by G-Town Madness3:04
63.Leave it All Behind (and Alpha Twins vs. MC DV8)by Wildstylez6:22
64.Dream Goes On (vs. D-Block & S-Te-Fan)by Deepack6:18
65.Symbolsby Frontliner3:04
66.Kings of The Undergroundby Gunz for Hire4:33
67.Full Mix The Qontinent 2017 By Deepackby Various Artists1:17:47
68.Call Me By My Nameby AniMe2:35
69.Maze of Martyr (Official Dominator 2017 Anthem) (and Dave Revan)by DJ Mad Dog3:53
70.Bounceby Ignite2:20
71.HOAXby Furyan & Angerfist3:59
72.Ravestorm (feat. MC Syco)by Stereotype3:12
73.Headshotby NeoX4:23
74.Im Nin'Aluby Noize Suppressor2:48
75.Drugs, Sex and Powerby DJ Mad Dog3:05
76.Warfare (Official Airforce Anthem 2017) (and E-Force feat. MC Nolz)by Tha Playah3:58
77.Disobeyby The Wishmaster4:46
78.No Controlby Tears of Fury3:38
79.Venture (and Ignite)by Bodyshock3:10
80.Superior Hardcore (Official Exodus 2017 Anthem) (feat. MC Nolz)by AniMe3:48
81.Shocked (and Deadly Guns)by E-Force3:07
82.Lived Againby Nosferatu3:09
83.Fear The Dogfightby AniMe3:17
84.Bust Ya Brainby Catscan3:28
85.The Krakenby DJ Mad Dog3:46
86.Speak My Mindby Evil Activities3:10
87.Liarby AniMe2:49
88.Kingsby Neophyte2:31
89.1000 Explosions (and Furyan)by Nosferatu3:02 Digital Punk3:04
91.Full Mix The Qontinent 2017 By AniMeby Various Artists1:03:31

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