The Rock' N' Roll Years mp3 Artist Compilation by Cliff Richard

The Rock' N' Roll Yearsby Cliff Richard

  • 105 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:06:26


Disk #1

1.Schoolboy Crush2:33
2.High Class Baby2:10
3.My Feet Hit The Ground2:00
4.Don't Bug Me Baby2:14
5.King Creole0:52
6.TV Hop0:47
7.Rockin' Robin1:01
8.I'll Try1:59
9.High School Confidential1:52
10.Early In The Morning1:48
11.Somebody Touched Me1:38
12.Livin' Lovin' Doll2:09
13.Mean Streak2:00
14.Never Mind2:01
15.Steady With You2:22
16.My Babe2:25
17.Move It2:07
18.That'll Be The Day2:11
20.Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On3:00
21.One Night2:33
22.Apron Strings2:48
24.I Gotta Know2:28
25.The Snake And The Bookworm2:12
26.Here Comes Summer2:18
27.Twenty Flight Rock1:44
28.Blue Suede Shoes1:45

Disk #2

1.Mean Woman Blues2:29
2.Pointed Toe Shoes1:53
3.I'm Walkin'1:51
4.Don't Be Mad At Me2:08
5.Willie And The Hand Jive (Original Undubbed Version)3:00
6.Nine Times Out Of Ten (Incomplete Take Plus Stereo Master)2:54
7.Thinking Of Our Love2:44
8.Evergreen Tree2:41
9.She's Gone2:34
10.Tell Me (Alternate Stereo Take)2:46
11.Where Is My Heart2:12
12.Lamp Of Love1:49
13.I'm Gonna Get You1:53
14.I Cannot Find A True Love2:38
15.Working After School2:07
16.You And I1:56
17.I'm Willing To Learn (Alternate Stereo Take)1:58
18.We Have It Made (Alternate Stereo Take)2:12
19.Choppin' 'n' Changin' (Alternate Stereo Take)2:29
20.It's You3:23
21.I Love You (Alternate Take Featuring False Start)2:29
22.'D' In Love2:37
23.Catch Me (Original Undubbed Version)2:32
24.Now's The Time O Fall In Love (Original Undubbed Version)2:31
25.True Love Will Come To You (Alternate Mono Take)2:58
26.First Lessons In Love1:56
27.I Want You To Know (Alternate Stereo Take)2:26
28.Blue Moon3:31

Disk #3

1.Tough Enough2:16
2.Mumblinґ Mosie2:18
3.Fifty Tears For Every Kiss2:31
4.Unchained Melody3:31
5.Whatґd I Say3:02
6.Forty Days2:46
7.Without You2:07
8.Shame On You2:11
9.Spanish Harlem3:04
10.Do You Remember2:56
11.Iґm Looking Out The Window2:46
12.You Donґt Know2:49
13.Take Special Care2:11
14.Do You Wanna Dance2:22
15.Do You Wanna Dance (alternate)2:31
16.Do You Wanna Dance (alternate#3)2:40
17.Do You Wanna Dance (alternate#4)2:16
18.Since I Lost You3:12
19.Dim, Dim The Lights1:41
20.Sava My Soul2:18
21.I'm Walkin' The Blues2:04
22.Summer Holiday2:29
23.The Next Time3:03
24.Blueberry Hill2:45
25.A Forever Kind Of Love2:31
26.Razzle Dazzle2:07
27.Reelin' And Rockin'2:10
28.Itґs All In The Game3:29

Disk #4

1.Lawdy Miss Clawdy2:01
3.Twenty Flight Rock1:58
4.Jailhouse Rock2:32
5.Money Honey2:21
6.Heartbreak Hotel2:40
7.Turn Me Loose1:17
8.Who's Gonna Take You Home1:49
9.Let's Stick Together1:30
10.What'd I Say3:03
11.Forty Days2:46
12.Got A Funny Feeling2:55
13.Rosalie (Come Back To Me)1:50
14.Me And My Shadows1:10
15.Lessons In Love1:59
16.We Say Yeah1:43
17.Hang Up Your Rock And Roll Shoes2:39
18.Dancing Shoes2:04
19.It'll Be Me2:05
20.Summer Holliday Advertising EP4:42
21.Cliff's Personal Message To You2:43