The Rolling Stones in Mono mp3 Artist Compilation by The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones in Monoby The Rolling Stones

  • 186 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 9:59:29


1.Route 662:23
2.I Just Want to Make Love to You2:18
3.Honest I Do2:11
4.Mona (I Need You Baby)3:36
5.Now I've Got a Witness2:32
6.Little by Little2:40
7.I'm a King Bee2:37
9.Tell Me3:50
10.Can I Get a Witness2:56
11.You Can Make It If You Try2:02
12.Walking the Dog3:11
13.Around and Around3:05
14.Confessin' the Blues2:50
15.Empty Heart2:39
16.Time Is on My Side (version 1)2:54
17.Good Times, Bad Times2:32
18.It's All Over Now3:27
19.2120 South Michigan Avenue3:40
20.Under the Boardwalk2:48
22.Grown Up Wrong2:06
23.If You Need Me2:05
24.Susie Q1:53
25.Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (version 2)5:05
26.Down Home Girl4:13
27.You Can't Catch Me3:40
28.Time Is on My Side (version 2)3:00
29.What a Shame3:03
30.Grown Up Wrong2:06
31.Down the Road Apiece2:57
32.Under the Boardwalk2:47
33.I Can't Be Satisfied3:29
34.Pain in My Heart2:13
35.Off the Hook2:36
36.Susie Q1:53
37.Everybody Needs Somebody to Love (version 1)3:01
38.Down Home Girl4:13
39.You Can't Catch Me3:40
40.Heart of Stone2:50
41.What a Shame3:07
42.Mona (I Need You Baby)3:35
43.Down the Road Apiece2:56
44.Off the Hook2:35
45.Pain in My Heart2:13
46.Oh, Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')2:10
47.Little Red Rooster3:06
48.Surprise, Surprise2:32
49.Mercy Mercy2:48
50.Hitch Hike2:26
51.The Last Time3:42
52.That's How Strong My Love Is2:26
53.Good Times1:59
54.I'm Alright2:25
55.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction3:43
56.Cry to Me3:10
57.The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man3:07
58.Play With Fire2:15
59.The Spider and the Fly3:40
60.One More Try2:00
61.She Said Yeah1:36
62.Mercy Mercy2:47
63.Hitch Hike2:26
64.That's How Strong My Love Is2:26
65.Good Times2:00
66.Gotta Get Away2:08
67.Talkin' 'Bout You2:32
68.Cry to Me3:10
69.Oh, Baby (We Got a Good Thing Goin')2:09
70.Heart of Stone2:51
71.The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man3:08
72.I'm Free2:25
73.She Said Yeah1:36
74.Talkin' 'Bout You2:31
75.You Better Move On2:41
76.Look What You've Done2:17
77.The Singer Not the Song2:24
78.Route 66 (live)2:40
79.Get Off of My Cloud2:56
80.I'm Free2:24
81.As Tears Go By2:46
82.Gotta Get Away2:07
83.Blue Turns to Grey2:29
84.I'm Moving On2:16
85.Mother's Little Helper2:47
86.Stupid Girl2:57
87.Lady Jane3:10
88.Under My Thumb3:25
89.Doncha Bother Me2:42
90.Going Home11:18
91.Flight 5053:28
92.High and Dry3:08
93.Out of Time (version 1)5:19
94.It's Not Easy2:56
95.I Am Waiting3:12
96.Take It or Leave It2:47
98.What to Do2:31
99.Paint It, Black3:24
100.Stupid Girl2:57
101.Lady Jane3:10
102.Under My Thumb3:25
103.Doncha Bother Me2:41
105.Flight 5053:28
106.High and Dry3:08
107.It's Not Easy2:56
108.I Am Waiting3:17
109.Going Home11:20
110.Yesterday's Papers2:19
111.My Obsession3:20
112.Back Street Girl3:27
114.She Smiled Sweetly2:44
115.Cool, Calm & Collected4:16
116.All Sold Out2:17
117.Please Go Home3:17
118.Who's Been Sleeping Here?3:53
120.Miss Amanda Jones2:49
121.Something Happened to Me Yesterday4:56
122.Ruby Tuesday3:14
123.Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?2:35
124.Let's Spend The Night Together3:27
125.Lady Jane3:09
126.Out of Time (version 2)3:41
127.My Girl2:38
128.Back Street Girl3:25
129.Please Go Home3:17
130.Mother's Little Helper2:47
131.Take It or Leave It2:48
132.Ride On, Baby3:00
133.Sittin' on a Fence3:02
134.Sing This All Together3:47
136.In Another Land3:14
137.2000 Man3:08
138.Sing This All Together (See What Happens) / [Cosmic Christmas]8:39
139.She's a Rainbow4:36
140.The Lantern4:26
142.2000 Light Years From Home4:45
143.On With the Show3:43
144.Sympathy for the Devil6:30
145.No Expectations3:57
146.Dear Doctor3:22
147.Parachute Woman2:21
148.Jigsaw Puzzle6:06
149.Street Fighting Man3:16
150.Prodigal Son2:52
151.Stray Cat Blues4:38
152.Factory Girl2:09
153.Salt of the Earth4:49
154.Gimme Shelter4:32
155.Love in Vain4:19
156.Country Honk3:07
157.Live With Me3:33
158.Let It Bleed5:28
159.Midnight Rambler6:53
160.You Got the Silver2:51
161.Monkey Man4:12
162.You Can't Always Get What You Want7:30
163.Come On1:51
164.I Want to Be Loved1:55
165.I Wanna Be Your Man1:46
167.Fortune Teller2:20
168.Poison Ivy (version 1)2:37
169.Bye Bye Johnny2:11
171.Poison Ivy (version 2)2:08
172.Not Fade Away1:50
173.I've Been Loving You too Long2:58
174.The Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man (single version)3:17
175.19th Nervous Breakdown3:58
176.Sad Day3:03
177.Con Le Mie Lacrime (As Tears Go By)2:50
178.Long, Long While3:04
179.Who's Driving Your Plane?3:17
180.We Love You (single version)4:37
181.Dandelion (single version)3:52
182.Child of the Moon3:15
183.Jumpin' Jack Flash3:39
184.Street Fighting Man (single version)3:09
185.Honky Tonk Women3:03
186.You Can't Always Get What You Want (single version)4:51