The Score mp3 Soundtrack by Epica
  • 20 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:03:29


1.Vengeance Is Mineby Epica1:54
2.Unholy Trinityby Epica3:09
3.The Valleyby Epica2:10
4.Caught In A Webby Epica4:28
5.Insomniaby Epica2:09
6.Under The Aegisby Epica2:49
7.Trois Vierges (Solo Version)by Epica4:43
8.Mysticaby Epica2:48
9.Valley Of Sinsby Epica5:41
10.Empty Gazeby Epica2:10
11.The Alleged Paradigmby Epica2:26
12.Supremacyby Epica3:22
13.Beyond The Depthby Epica1:58
14.Epitomeby Epica1:19
15.Inevitable Embraceby Epica3:52
16.Angel Of Deathby Epica3:30
17.The Ultimate Returnby Epica4:50
18.Trois Vierges (Reprise)by Epica2:07
19.Solitary Ground (Single Version)by Epica4:09
20.Quietus (Score Version)by Epica3:55
An unusual album from symphonic metal masters Epica. The album is almost entirely instrumental and Simone's (the lead singer's) vocals are scarcely present. Here Epica have flexed their creative muscles and experimented with their most movie-like/soundtrack-esque elements... emotional scores that use vocal arrangements as a subtle addition rather than a main component, and still manages to convey an intensity and popular appeal. On this album the instruments are the stars and they, surprisingly, aptly express the very human meaning of the songs. As a species we often become obsessed with words as the sole meaningful way to convey our feelings and this album is a bold statement to remind us that the human experience is much, much more than our changeable languages and cultures. People without patience for meandering soulful music or cosmetic distraction (ie. attractive lead vocalists) will no doubt be disappointed by this release.