The Singles, 1959-1969 mp3 Artist Compilation by Bobby Bare

The Singles, 1959-1969by Bobby Bare

  • 47 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:03:18


Disk #1

1.All American Boy3:02
2.Shame On Me2:48
3.Above And Beyond2:13
4.Detroit City2:50
5.Heart Of Ice2:28
6.Five Hundred Miles Away From Home2:43
7.It All Depends On Linda2:38
8.Miller's Cave2:54
9.Jeannie's Last Kiss3:03
10.Have I Stayed Away Too Long2:12
11.More Than A Poor Boy Could Give2:35
12.Four StrongWinds2:45
13.Take Me Home2:46
14.Times Are Gettin' Hard2:36
15.One Day At A Time2:19
16.It's Alright2:40
17.She Picked A Perfect Day2:29
18.Just To Satisfy You2:25
20.Talk Me Some Sense2:26
21.Delia's Gone2:46
22.In The Same Old Way2:40
23.The Long Black Veil2:40

Disk #2

1.The Streets Of Baltimore2:39
2.She Took My Sunshine Way2:32
4.Guess I'll Move On Down The Line2:46
5.Charleston Railroad Tavern2:17
7.Come Kiss Me Love2:37
8.Sandy's Crying Again2:44
9.The Piney Wood Hills2:26
10.They Covered Up The Old Swimming Hole2:38
11.Find Out What's Happening2:15
12.When Am I Ever Gonna Settle Down2:44
13.A Little Bit Later On Down The Line2:20
14.Don't Do Like I Done Son2:35
15.The Town That Broke My Heart2:47
16.My Baby2:38
17.(Margie's At) The Lincoln Park Inn3:21
18.Rainy Day In Richmond2:29
19.Which One Will It Be3:20
20.My Frame Of Mind2:35
21.God Bless America Again2:51
22.Baby What Else Can I Do2:26
23.Rosalie [German]2:40
24.Alle Glauben Dass Ich Glucklich Bin [German]2:52