The Sound Doctor (1972-1978) by Various Artists

The Sound Doctor (1972-1978)

by Various Artists

  • 23 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:14:38


1.Delroy Butlerby Oppression3:21
2.Junior Bylesby Army Of Love3:34
3.Dillingerby Wam Pam Pa Do2:44
4.Bobby Flloydby Sound Doctor2:42
5.Young Dillingerby Doctor Skank2:22
6.The Upsettersby Horny Train (Dub Plate Mix)3:39
7.Al Maytoneby Do Good2:24
8.Brother Royby Different Experience3:12
9.Tinga Stewartby Smiling Faces3:36
10.Tinga Stewart And Hux Brown Groupby Smiling Faces Version3:32
11.Keith Poppinby Be Prepared2:56
12.Lee And Jimmyby Key Card4:40
13.The Upseetersby Domino Game4:43
14.Tony Fearonby Message To The Nation3:55
15.Tony Fearon And Upsettersby Dub Message3:41
16.The Flamesby Water Your Garden3:28
17.Chenly Duffusby Standing On The Hill3:04
18.The Gatherersby Start Over3:03
19.The Ethiopiansby It's Impossible3:04
20.Jah Tby Grandfather Land2:50
21.Pat Francisby King Of Kings2:26
22.Pat Francis And Upsettersby King Of Kings Version2:27
23.Count Stickyby To Hell And Back3:15