The Sound Of Music: 45th Anniversary mp3 Soundtrack by Rodgers & Hammerstein

The Sound Of Music: 45th Anniversaryby Rodgers & Hammerstein

  • 29 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:15:08


1.Prelude and The Sound of Musicby Rodgers & Hammerstein2:46
2.Overture and Preludium (Dixit Dominus)by Rodgers & Hammerstein3:15
3.Morning Hymn and Alleluiaby Rodgers & Hammerstein2:04
4.Mariaby Rodgers & Hammerstein3:18
5.I Have Confidenceby Rodgers & Hammerstein3:27
6.Sixteen Going on Seventeenby Rodgers & Hammerstein3:19
7.My Favorite Thingsby Rodgers & Hammerstein2:19
8.Do-Re-Miby Rodgers & Hammerstein5:34
9.The Sound of Musicby Rodgers & Hammerstein2:12
10.The Lonely Goatherdby Rodgers & Hammerstein3:12
11.Edelweissby Rodgers & Hammerstein2:17
12.Laendlerby Rodgers & Hammerstein2:28
13.So Long, Farewellby Rodgers & Hammerstein2:55
14.Entr'acteby Rodgers & Hammerstein2:09
15.Climb Ev'ry Mountainby Rodgers & Hammerstein2:18
16.My Favorite Things (reprise)by Rodgers & Hammerstein1:17
17.Something Goodby Rodgers & Hammerstein3:19
18.Processional and Maria (The Wedding)by Rodgers & Hammerstein2:28
19.Sixteen Going on Seventeen (reprise)by Rodgers & Hammerstein3:06
20.Do-Re-Mi (reprise)by Rodgers & Hammerstein1:20
21.Edelweiss (reprise)by Rodgers & Hammerstein1:51
22.So Long, Farewell (reprise)by Rodgers & Hammerstein1:59
23.Climb Ev'ry Mountain (reprise)by Rodgers & Hammerstein1:21
24.Finaleby Rodgers & Hammerstein0:45
25.My Favorite Things [Lea Michele]by Rodgers & Hammerstein1:21
26.Prelude & The Sound Of Music (Sing Along Version)by Rodgers & Hammerstein2:44
27.My Favorite Things (Sing Along Version)by Rodgers & Hammerstein2:17
28.Do-Re-Mi (Sing Along Version)by Rodgers & Hammerstein5:30
29.Edelweiss (Sing Along Version)by Rodgers & Hammerstein2:17