The Tabu Records Box Set mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Tabu Records Box Setby Various Artists

  • 95 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:56:01


Disk #1

1.Wake Up & Be Somebodyby Brainstorm6:24
2.No One Homeby Lalo Schifrin6:49
3.Take Your Time Do It Rightby The S.O.S. Band7:43
4.Universal Loveby Woods Empire4:22
5.Jungle Kittenby Manfredo Fest3:37
6.Changin'by Sharon Ridley6:30
7.Middle of the Nightby Lalo Schifrin4:04
8.Waiting for Someoneby Brainstorm6:10
9.Are You Readyby The S.O.S. Band5:07
10.Full Moonby Sharon Ridley4:51
11.Enchanted Flameby Lalo Schifrin5:20
12.Stormin'by Brainstorm4:16
13.Koko and Leeroeby Manfredo Fest4:53
14.Guess I'm Gonna Have to Say Goodbyeby Sharon Ridley3:05
15.Journey to the Lightby Brainstorm5:40

Disk #2

1.S.O.S. (Dit Dit Dat Dat)by The S.O.S. Band5:45
2.Lovin' Is Really My Gameby Brainstorm4:53
3.Sweet Delight (Special Mix)by Woods Empire6:56
4.Groovin' (That's What We're Doin')by The S.O.S. Band4:22
5.Knock Down the Wallsby General Caine5:10
6.Sister Fineby Lamont Johnson4:13
7.Can't Get Enoughby The S.O.S. Band5:47
8.Your Unchanging Loveby Anacostia3:16
9.Oh Darlin...Life Goes Onby Lalo Schifrin4:34
10.Girlsby General Caine5:52
11.Love Won't Wait for Loveby The S.O.S. Band5:16
12.Who Needs Itby Manfredo Fest4:28
13.Hangin' Onby Brainstorm4:16
14.Looking for Youby The S.O.S. Band4:31
15.Hot for Youby Brainstorm10:07

Disk #3

1.If You Were Here Tonightby Alexander O'Neal6:12
2.I Will Wait for Youby Cherrelle3:45
3.This Must Be Heavenby Lamont Johnson4:51
4.Loving Just Youby Brainstorm4:32
5.Memory of Loveby Lalo Schifrin4:42
6.Do You Wanna Like I Doby Alexander O'Neal4:50
7.Upside Downby General Caine4:21
8.What's Wrong with Our Love Affairby The S.O.S. Band4:52
9.Easy Come, Easy Goby Lamont Johnson4:59
10.Destinyby Woods Empire3:34
11.Ain't Nothing to Itby Anacostia3:37
12.Just You and Meby Sharon Ridley4:59
13.Look at Us Nowby Alexander O'Neal5:09
14.Stay with Meby Cherrelle4:04
15.You Put a Charge in My Lifeby Brainstorm4:13
16.I Need You Nowby Cherrelle4:58
17.All for Youby Anacostia3:19

Disk #4

1.High Hopesby The S.O.S. Band6:31
2.What's Missingby Alexander O'Neal5:46
3.I Didn't Mean to Turn You Onby Cherrelle7:05
4.Just Be Good to Meby The S.O.S. Band5:41
5.Saturday Loveby Cherrelle4:52
6.Never Knew Love Like Thisby Alexander O'Neal & Cherrelle3:30
7.No One's Gonna Love Youby The S.O.S. Band6:50
8.Weekend Girlby The S.O.S. Band6:26
9.When You Look in My Eyesby Cherrelle4:50
10.A Broken Heart Can Mendby Alexander O'Neal3:44
11.Tell Me If You Still Careby The S.O.S. Band6:59
12.Will You Satisfyby Cherrelle4:18
13.Just the Way You Like Itby The S.O.S. Band8:44

Disk #5

1.The Finestby The S.O.S. Band6:08
2.What Is This Thing Called Loveby Alexander O'Neal4:10
3.Keep It Insideby Cherrelle4:16
4.Fake '88 (Remix)by Alexander O'Neal3:53
5.One of Many Nightsby The S.O.S. Band7:19
6.The Loversby Alexander O'Neal3:43
7.Sands of Timeby The S.O.S. Band4:29
8.Can-Do Can-Doby Demetrius Perry4:50
9.(What Can I Say) To Make You Love Meby Alexander O'Neal4:31
10.State of Attractionby Rhonda Clark4:04
11.Thin Lineby Kathy Mathis3:49
12.Just What I've Been Missingby James Robinson5:25
13.Automatic Stop & Goby Kathy Mathis3:50
14.Criticizeby Alexander O'Neal4:02
15.Love Festivalby Kathy Mathis4:58
16.Another Worldby Demetrius Perry5:20
17.Sunshineby Alexander O'Neal4:03

Disk #6

1.Still in Love with Youby Cherrelle5:13
2.Feelingby The S.O.S. Band6:44
3.Everything I Miss at Homeby Alexander O'Neal & Cherrelle3:57
4.Can We Do It Againby James Robinson5:05
5.Separate Waysby Mary Davis5:43
6.Ladyby Alexander O'Neal5:36
7.You're My Everything (feat Chuck Howard)by Rhonda Clark4:25
8.Can't Explainby The S.O.S. Band5:30
9.Tears of Joyby Cherrelle4:23
10.Guiltyby James Robinson4:48
11.Sentimentalby Alexander O'Neal4:39
12.Broken Promisesby The S.O.S. Band5:02
13.Breathlessby Demetrius Perry4:43
14.Now That You're Goneby Kathy Mathis5:42
15.My Gift to Youby Alexander O'Neal4:21
16.We're On Our Way Home (Part 1)by Brainstorm3:44

Disk #7

1.Changin'by Sharon Ridley3:32
2.Jungle Kittenby Manfredo Fest3:34

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