The Ten Commandments (Deluxe Edition) by Malevolent Creation

The Ten Commandments (Deluxe Edition)

by Malevolent Creation

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:34:24


1.Memorial Arrangements2:37
2.Premature Burial3:17
3.Remnants of Withered Decay3:55
4.Multiple Stab Wounds3:34
5.Impaled Existence3:26
6.Thou Shall Kill!4:30
7.Sacrificial Annihilation3:24
8.Decadence Within4:21
9.Injected Sufferage3:41
10.Malevolent Creation5:31
11.Sacrificial Annihilation (Demo 1987)3:30
12.The Traitor Must Pay (Demo 1987)3:10
13.Confirmed Kill (Demo 1987)1:43
14.Injected Sufferage (Demo 1989)3:51
15.Epileptic Seizure (Demo 1989)2:39
16.Violent Offspring (Demo 1989)3:46
17.Remnants of Withered Decay (Demo 1990)3:57
18.Decadence Within (Demo 1990)4:21
19.Impaled Existence (Demo 1990)3:22
20.Malevolent Creation (Live Demo 1989)5:29
21.Remnants of Withered Decay (Live Demo 1989)4:06
22.Darkness Within (The Human Corporation) (Live Demo 1989)4:35
23.Epileptic Seizure (Live Demo 1989)2:30
24.Scout Women (Live Demo 1989)2:05
25.Violent Offspring (Live Demo 1989)3:45
26.Sacrificial Annihilation (Live Demo 1989)3:19