The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 1 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 1by Various Artists

  • 76 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:47:43


Disk #1

1.Original Ragsby Scott Joplin3:03
2.Maple Leaf Ragby Scott Joplin3:06
3.Sun Flower Slow Dragby Scott Joplin3:08
4.Elite Syncopationsby Scott Joplin3:14
5.The Entertainerby Scott Joplin3:06
6.Cleophaby Scott Joplin3:16
7.Something Doingby Scott Joplin2:46
8.The Chrysanthemumby Scott Joplin3:52
9.Eugeniaby Scott Joplin3:36
10.Lily Queenby Scott Joplin3:26
11.Heliotrope Bouquetby Scott Joplin3:28
12.Pineapple Ragby Scott Joplin5:00
13.Paragon Ragby Scott Joplin3:40
14.Euphonic Soundsby Scott Joplin2:54
15.Country Clubby Scott Joplin3:13
16.Stoptime Ragby Scott Joplin2:37
17.Scott Joplin's New Ragby Scott Joplin3:31
18.Reflection Ragby Scott Joplin3:55

Disk #2

1.Livery Stable Bluesby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:08
2.Dixie Jass Band One Stepby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:38
3.At The Jazz Band Ballby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:41
4.Ostrich Walkby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:16
5.Skeleton Jangleby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:54
6.Tiger Ragby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:08
7.Bluin' The Bluesby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:22
8.Fidgety Feetby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:44
9.Sensation Ragby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:59
10.Mournin' Bluesby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:57
11.Clarinet Marmalade Bluesby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:50
12.Lazy Daddyby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:21
13.Margieby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:09
14.Palestreenaby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:40
15.Broadway Roseby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:18
16.Sweet Mama (Papa'S Getting Mad)by The Original Dixieland Jazz Band3:24
17.Home Again Bluesby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:45
18.Crazy Bluesby The Original Dixieland Jazz Band2:35

Disk #3

1.Eccentricby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:53
2.Farewell Bluesby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:40
3.Bugle Call Bluesby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:20
4.Panamaby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:37
5.Tiger Ragby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:28
6.Sweet Lovin' Manby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:38
7.That'S A-Plentyby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:37
8.Shim-Me-Sha-Wabbleby New Orleans Rhythm Kings3:02
9.Weary Bluesby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:44
10.Maple Leaf Ragby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:33
11.Tin Roof Bluesby New Orleans Rhythm Kings3:00
12.Clarinet Marmaladeby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:41
13.Mr. Jelly Lordby New Orleans Rhythm Kings3:06
14.London Bluesby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:49
15.She'S Crying For Meby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:55
16.Golden Leaf Strutby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:55
17.She'S Crying For Meby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:44
18.San Antonio Shoutby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:21
19.Tin Roof Bluesby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:28
20.Original Dixieland One-Stepby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:49
21.Sensationby New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:47
22.Dust Off That Old Pianna (Oh Susannah)by New Orleans Rhythm Kings2:58

Disk #4

1.Crimes Bluesby King Oliver3:04
2.Canal Street Bluesby King Oliver2:34
3.Snake Ragby King Oliver3:05
4.Dippermouth Bluesby King Oliver2:38
5.Chattanooga Stompby King Oliver3:02
6.Camp Meeting Bluesby King Oliver3:02
7.Riverside Bluesby King Oliver2:59
8.Snag Itby King Oliver3:07
9.Sugar Foot Stompby King Oliver2:56
10.Wa Wa Waby King Oliver2:49
11.Showboat Shuffleby King Oliver2:59
12.I'M Watchin' The Clockby King Oliver3:06
13.Speakeasy Bluesby King Oliver2:49
14.Aunt Hagar'S Bluesby King Oliver3:00
15.West End Bluesby King Oliver3:37
16.I Want You Just For Myselfby King Oliver2:53
17.New Orleans Shoutby King Oliver2:45
18.You'Re Just My Typeby King Oliver2:33

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