The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 12 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 12by Various Artists

  • 73 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:35:17


Disk #1

1.I'M Sorry Mamaby Leadbelly2:07
2.Packin' Trunkby Leadbelly2:56
3.Four Day Worry Bluesby Leadbelly3:07
4.Roberta Pt. 1by Leadbelly3:00
5.Death Letter Blues Pt. 1by Leadbelly2:59
6.Fort Worth And Dallas Bluesby Leadbelly3:02
7.Ox Drivin' Bluesby Leadbelly2:55
8.Tb Woman Bluesby Leadbelly3:09
9.My Baby Quit Meby Leadbelly2:55
10.Midnight Specialby Leadbelly2:08
11.Pigmeatby Leadbelly3:11
12.Black Snake Moanby Leadbelly3:10
13.See See Riderby Leadbelly2:57
14.Shorty Georgeby Leadbelly3:07
15.You Don't My Mindby Leadbelly3:04
16.The Bourgeois Bluesby Leadbelly3:17
17.John Hardyby Leadbelly4:19
18.Pick ABale Of Cottonby Leadbelly3:02
19.Grey Gooseby Leadbelly2:58
20.Where Did You Sleep Last Night?by Leadbelly3:03
21.Pretty Flower In Your Backyardby Leadbelly2:45

Disk #2

1.Little Leg Womanby Big Joe Williams3:19
2.Providence Help The Poor Peopleby Big Joe Williams3:15
3.49 Highway Bluesby Big Joe Williams3:20
4.Stepfather Bluesby Big Joe Williams3:08
5.Baby Please Don't Goby Big Joe Williams3:25
6.Wild Cow Bluesby Big Joe Williams3:19
7.Stack O'Dollarsby Big Joe Williams3:11
8.I Know You Gonna Miss Meby Big Joe Williams3:05
9.Brother Jamesby Big Joe Williams2:57
10.Rootin' Ground Hogby Big Joe Williams3:02
11.I Won't Be In Hard Luck No Moreby Big Joe Williams2:41
12.Meet Me Around The Cornerby Big Joe Williams2:58
13.Crawlin' King Snakeby Big Joe Williams2:51
14.I'M Getting Wild About Herby Big Joe Williams2:47
15.Peach Orchard Mamaby Big Joe Williams2:43
16.Please Don't Goby Big Joe Williams2:50
17.Break 'Em On Downby Big Joe Williams3:14
18.Someday Babyby Big Joe Williams3:11
19.His Spirit Lives Onby Big Joe Williams2:45
20.Vitamin Aby Big Joe Williams2:47
21.Somebody'S Been Worryin'by Big Joe Williams3:10

Disk #3

1.When You Got A Good Friendby Robert Johnson2:40
2.Come On In My Kitchenby Robert Johnson2:38
3.I Believe I´Ll Dust My Broomby Robert Johnson2:59
4.Phonograph Bluesby Robert Johnson2:40
5.Terraplane Bluesby Robert Johnson3:01
6.Come On In My Kitchenby Robert Johnson2:52
7.Kindhearted Woman Bluesby Robert Johnson2:52
8.When You Got A Good Friendby Robert Johnson2:39
9.Rambling On My Mindby Robert Johnson2:52
10.32-30 Bluesby Robert Johnson2:53
11.Dead Shrimp Bluesby Robert Johnson2:36
12.I´M A Steady Rollin´ Manby Robert Johnson2:37
13.Little Queen Of Spadesby Robert Johnson2:13
14.From Four ´Til Lateby Robert Johnson2:23

Disk #4

1.Try Some Of Thatby Kokoms Arnold3:00
2.Mister Charlieby Kokoms Arnold2:44
3.Cutter Bluesby Kokoms Arnold2:56
4.Money True Manby Kokoms Arnold3:04
5.Delmar Avenueby Kokoms Arnold3:04
6.Shake That Thingby Kokoms Arnold2:39
7.Backfence Picket Bluesby Kokoms Arnold3:07
8.Fool Man Bluesby Kokoms Arnold3:07
9.Long And Tallby Kokoms Arnold2:47
10.Sally Dogby Kokoms Arnold2:49
11.Cold Winter Bluesby Kokoms Arnold3:10
12.Sister Jane Cross The Hallby Kokoms Arnold2:40
13.Wild Water Bluesby Kokoms Arnold3:14
14.Laugh And Grin Blusby Kokoms Arnold3:09
15.Mean Old Twisterby Kokoms Arnold2:58
16.Red Beams And Riceby Kokoms Arnold3:04
17.Set Down Galby Kokoms Arnold2:41