The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 18 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 18by Various Artists

  • 81 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 3:58:10


Disk #1

1.Black And Blue Bottomby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:42
2.Stringin' The Bluesby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:35
3.Wild Catby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:58
4.Suneshineby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:58
5.Goin' Placesby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:57
6.Doin' Thingsby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:51
7.Kickin' The Catby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang3:09
8.Beatin' The Dogby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:39
9.Cheese And Crackersby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:53
10.Penn Beach Boysby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:52
11.Dinahby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:50
12.The Wild Dogby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:45
13.Sweet Sue, Just Youby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang2:48
14.I'Ve Found A New Babyby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang3:07
15.I'Ll Never Be The Sameby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang3:14
16.Little Girlby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang3:02
17.The Wolf Wobbleby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang3:10
18.Raggin' The Scaleby Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang3:03

Disk #2

1.Handful Of Keysby Fats Waller2:48
2.The Minor Dragsby Fats Waller2:40
3.Smashing Thirdsby Fats Waller3:07
4.Do Me A Favorby Fats Waller3:12
5.I Wish I Were Twinsby Fats Waller2:40
6.Armful O' Sweetnessby Fats Waller3:01
7.Have A Little Dream On Meby Fats Waller2:47
8.You'Re Not The Only Oyster In The Stewby Fats Waller3:13
9.Mandyby Fats Waller2:32
10.Let'S Pretend There'S A Moonby Fats Waller3:28
11.Honeysucle Roseby Fats Waller2:40
12.If It Isn't Loveby Fats Waller2:57
13.I'M Growing Fonder Of Youby Fats Waller3:20
14.Dream Manby Fats Waller3:02
15.African Ripplesby Fats Waller3:10
16.Alligator Crawlby Fats Waller2:43
17.Viper'S Dragby Fats Waller2:58
18.Sugar Bluesby Fats Waller2:49
19.Shame! Shame!by Fats Waller2:38
20.Tell Me With Your Kissesby Fats Waller3:16
21.I'Ve Got My Fingers Crossedby Fats Waller2:39

Disk #3

1.Hello, Lolaby Coleman Hawkins3:15
2.One Hourby Coleman Hawkins3:25
3.Dismal Danby Coleman Hawkins3:08
4.I Can't Believe That You'Re In Love With Meby Coleman Hawkins3:08
5.Jamaica Shoutby Coleman Hawkins2:59
6.Rhythm Crazyby Coleman Hawkins3:17
7.It Sends Meby Coleman Hawkins3:16
8.I Ain't Got Nobodyby Coleman Hawkins3:20
9.On The Sunny Side Of The Streetby Coleman Hawkins3:28
10.Lullabyby Coleman Hawkins2:57
11.Oh! Lady Be Goodby Coleman Hawkins2:45
12.Lost In A Fogby Coleman Hawkins3:05
13.Honeysuckle Roseby Coleman Hawkins3:05
14.Some Of These Daysby Coleman Hawkins2:32
15.After You'Ve Goneby Coleman Hawkins2:37
16.I Wish I Were Twinsby Coleman Hawkins2:34
17.Blue Moonby Coleman Hawkins3:14
18.Avalonby Coleman Hawkins3:00
19.What A Difference A Day Makesby Coleman Hawkins3:19
20.Stardustby Coleman Hawkins3:13
21.Chicagoby Coleman Hawkins3:03
22.Meditationby Coleman Hawkins3:02
23.What Harlem Is To Meby Coleman Hawkins2:44
24.Netcha'S Dreamby Coleman Hawkins2:35

Disk #4

1.Tea For Twoby Art Tatum3:15
2.Sophisticated Ladyby Art Tatum3:17
3.What Will I Tell My Heartby Art Tatum3:08
4.I'Ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warmby Art Tatum3:02
5.The Sheik Of Arabyby Art Tatum2:43
6.Stormy Weatherby Art Tatum3:11
7.Gone With The Windby Art Tatum2:51
8.I'Ll Get Byby Art Tatum2:26
9.It Had To Be Youby Art Tatum2:29
10.Tiger Ragby Art Tatum2:13
11.Get Happyby Art Tatum2:45
12.Sweet Lorraineby Art Tatum2:59
13.St. Louis Bluesby Art Tatum2:30
14.Begin The Beguineby Art Tatum2:41
15.Indiana (Back Home Again)by Art Tatum2:54
16.Rosettaby Art Tatum2:49
17.Stompin' At The Savoyby Art Tatum3:14
18.Battery Bounceby Art Tatum2:29

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