The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 33 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 33by Various Artists

  • 82 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:02:48


Disk #1

1.New Moten Stompby Bennie Moten2:55
2.As Long As I Love Youby Bennie Moten3:12
3.When I'M Aloneby Bennie Moten3:17
4.Professor Hot Stuffby Bennie Moten3:24
5.Get Goin' (Get Ready To Love)by Bennie Moten3:01
6.The Countby Bennie Moten3:12
7.Liza Leeby Bennie Moten3:04
8.Somebody Stole My Galby Bennie Moten3:04
9.Now That I Need Youby Bennie Moten3:03
10.Bouncin' Roundby Bennie Moten3:10
11.I Wanna Be Around My Baby All The Timeby Bennie Moten2:56
12.Ya Got Loveby Bennie Moten3:16
13.Tobyby Bennie Moten3:25
14.Moten Swingby Bennie Moten3:20
15.The Blue Roomby Bennie Moten3:20
16.Imaginationby Bennie Moten3:26
17.New Orleansby Bennie Moten3:00
18.The Only Girl I Ever Lovedby Bennie Moten3:12
19.Milenberg Joysby Bennie Moten2:48
20.Lafayetteby Bennie Moten2:47
21.Prince Of Wailsby Bennie Moten2:51
22.Two Timesby Bennie Moten3:07

Disk #2

1.In Dat Mornin'by Jimmie Lunceford3:23
2.Sweet Rhythmby Jimmie Lunceford2:43
3.Flaming Reeds And Screaming Brassby Jimmie Lunceford2:59
4.While Love Lastsby Jimmie Lunceford3:08
5.White Heatby Jimmie Lunceford2:31
6.Jazznocrazyby Jimmie Lunceford2:43
7.Chillun Get Upby Jimmie Lunceford3:18
8.Leavin' Meby Jimmie Lunceford3:13
9.Swingin' Uptownby Jimmie Lunceford2:39
10.Breakfast Ballby Jimmie Lunceford3:01
11.Here Goes (A Fool)by Jimmie Lunceford2:49
12.Remember Whenby Jimmie Lunceford3:21
13.Sophisticated Ladyby Jimmie Lunceford3:08
14.Mood Indigoby Jimmie Lunceford2:52
15.Rose Roomby Jimmie Lunceford3:02
16.Black And Tan Fantasy (by Jimmie Lunceford2:48
17.Stratosphereby Jimmie Lunceford2:15
18.Nanaby Jimmie Lunceford3:07
19.Miss Otis Regretsby Jimmie Lunceford2:43
20.Stomp It Offby Jimmie Lunceford3:16

Disk #3

1.Wild Partyby Fletcher Henderson3:02
2.Rug Cutter'S Swingby Fletcher Henderson3:01
3.Hotter Than 'Ellby Fletcher Henderson2:51
4.Lizaby Fletcher Henderson2:37
5.Christopher Columbusby Fletcher Henderson3:02
6.Big Chief De Sotaby Fletcher Henderson3:01
7.Blue Louby Fletcher Henderson3:07
8.Stealin' Applesby Fletcher Henderson3:02
9.I'M A Fool For Loving Youby Fletcher Henderson2:39
10.Moonrise On The Lowlandsby Fletcher Henderson2:43
11.I'Ll Always Be In Love With Youby Fletcher Henderson3:03
12.Jangled Nervesby Fletcher Henderson2:35
13.Grand Terrace Rhythmby Fletcher Henderson2:43
14.Riffin'by Fletcher Henderson2:22
15.Mary Had A Little Lambby Fletcher Henderson2:49
16.Shoe Shine Boyby Fletcher Henderson3:33
17.Sing, Sing, Singby Fletcher Henderson2:33
18.Until Todayby Fletcher Henderson2:33
19.Knock, Knock Who'S There?by Fletcher Henderson2:56
20.Jim Town Bluesby Fletcher Henderson2:42

Disk #4

1.Stompin' At The Savoyby Chick Webb3:11
2.Don't Be That Wayby Chick Webb2:42
3.Blue Louby Chick Webb3:12
4.Down Home Ragby Chick Webb2:55
5.Love And Kissesby Chick Webb3:20
6.I May Be Wrongby Chick Webb3:06
7.Facts And Figuresby Chick Webb2:36
8.Go Harlemby Chick Webb2:23
9.Love Marches Onby Chick Webb2:54
10.There'S Frost On The Moonby Chick Webb2:52
11.Gee But You'Re Swellby Chick Webb2:38
12.Rusty Hingeby Chick Webb3:08
13.Wake Up And Liveby Chick Webb2:40
14.It'S Swell Of Youby Chick Webb3:16
15.Clap Hands! Here Comes Charlyby Chick Webb2:33
16.That Naughty Waltzby Chick Webb3:01
17.In A Little Spanish Townby Chick Webb2:40
18.I Got Rhythmby Chick Webb2:37
19.I Ain't Got Nobodyby Chick Webb3:04
20.Strictly Jiveby Chick Webb3:17