The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 37 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 37by Various Artists

  • 79 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:12:42


Disk #1

1.Chelsea Boogieby Duke Ellington2:56
2.What Am I Here For?by Duke Ellington3:27
3.Main Stemby Duke Ellington2:52
4.Johnny Come Latelyby Duke Ellington2:41
5.The "C" Jam Bluesby Duke Ellington2:41
6.Perdidoby Duke Ellington3:11
7.Moon Mistby Duke Ellington3:00
8.I'M Beginning To See The Lightby Duke Ellington3:15
9.Carnegie Bluesby Duke Ellington2:49
10.Blue Cellophoneby Duke Ellington2:56
11.Mood To Be Wooedby Duke Ellington2:59
12.The Moocheby Duke Ellington3:05
13.Black And Tan Fantasyby Duke Ellington2:54
14.It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)by Duke Ellington3:03
15.In A Sentimental Moodby Duke Ellington3:05
16.Things Ain't What They Used To Be (Time'S A-Waistin')by Duke Ellington3:10
17.Magenta Hazeby Duke Ellington3:02
18.Blue Skiesby Duke Ellington2:37
19.Sultry Sunsetby Duke Ellington3:11
20.Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Meby Duke Ellington3:04
21.Park At 106Thby Duke Ellington2:26

Disk #2

1.The Good Earthby Woody Herman2:33
2.Lauraby Woody Herman3:20
3.Your Father'S Moustacheby Woody Herman3:24
4.Lady Mcgowan's Dream (Parts I & Ii)by Woody Herman5:16
5.Apple Honeyby Woody Herman3:18
6.Sumer Sequence (Parts I - Iv)by Woody Herman11:50
7.Not Really The Bluesby Woody Herman2:52
8.More Moonby Woody Herman3:12
9.Rhapsody In Woodby Woody Herman3:10
10.Here Come The Bluesby Woody Herman3:10
11.Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherriesby Woody Herman2:44
12.Cohn's Alleyby Woody Herman2:55
13.Mulligantawnyby Woody Herman3:57
14.Why Not?by Woody Herman3:06
15.Would He?by Woody Herman2:31
16.Off Shoreby Woody Herman3:16
17.Hitting The Bottleby Woody Herman4:09
18.It Happens To Meby Woody Herman3:29
19.Strangeby Woody Herman3:04
20.Moten Stompby Woody Herman2:52

Disk #3

1.Easy Goby Stan Kenton3:08
2.Love For Saleby Stan Kenton3:13
3.Viva Pradoby Stan Kenton3:17
4.Something New (Sunset Tower)by Stan Kenton2:55
5.Theme For Altoby Stan Kenton2:37
6.Riff Rhapsodyby Stan Kenton3:13
7.Dynaflowby Stan Kenton3:06
8.What'S Newby Stan Kenton3:11
9.Jump For Joeby Stan Kenton3:03
10.Night Watchby Stan Kenton2:41
11.Francescaby Stan Kenton2:43
12.Soliloquyby Stan Kenton2:46
13.Lazy Daisyby Stan Kenton2:49
14.Mambo Rhapsodyby Stan Kenton2:32
15.Riff Raffby Stan Kenton3:09
16.Star Dustby Stan Kenton2:57
17.Bags And Baggageby Stan Kenton3:05
18.Bill'S Bluesby Stan Kenton2:54
19.Cool Eyesby Stan Kenton3:24
20.Beehiveby Stan Kenton3:06
21.Lover Manby Stan Kenton2:48
22.Fascinating Rhythmby Stan Kenton2:42

Disk #4

1.Popoby Shorty Rogers3:02
2.Over The Rainbowby Shorty Rogers3:01
3.Didiby Shorty Rogers2:27
4.Sam And The Ladyby Shorty Rogers3:08
5.Aproposby Shorty Rogers2:39
6.Bunnyby Shorty Rogers3:30
7.Pirouetteby Shorty Rogers3:14
8.Morpoby Shorty Rogers3:33
9.Coop De Graasby Shorty Rogers2:57
10.Infinity Promenadeby Shorty Rogers3:35
11.Short Stopby Shorty Rogers3:17
12.Boar - Jibuby Shorty Rogers3:36
13.Contoursby Shorty Rogers3:21
14.Tale Of An African Lobsterby Shorty Rogers3:24
15.Chiquito Locoby Shorty Rogers3:28
16.The Sweetheart Of Sigmund Freudby Shorty Rogers2:39

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