The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 34 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 34by Various Artists

  • 81 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:00:29


Disk #1

1.King Porter Stompby Benny Goodman3:09
2.Goodbyeby Benny Goodman3:24
3.If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)by Benny Goodman2:16
4.Goody Moodyby Benny Goodman2:30
5.Stompin' At The Savoyby Benny Goodman3:16
6.Christopher Columbusby Benny Goodman3:34
7.Down South Camp Meetingby Benny Goodman3:19
8.Bugle Call Ragby Benny Goodman3:00
9.He Ain't Got Rhythmby Benny Goodman2:45
10.I Want To Be Happyby Benny Goodman2:37
11.Sing, Sing, Singby Benny Goodman8:45
12.Roll 'Emby Benny Goodman3:13
13.Sugar Foot Stompby Benny Goodman2:49
14.St. Louis Bluesby Benny Goodman5:01
15.Don't Be That Wayby Benny Goodman3:19
16.One O'Clock Jumpby Benny Goodman3:15
17.Smoke House Rhythmby Benny Goodman2:58
18.Topsyby Benny Goodman2:58
19.The Kingdom Of Swingby Benny Goodman2:49

Disk #2

1.Weary Bluesby Tommy Dorsey3:14
2.Royal Garden Bluesby Tommy Dorsey2:53
3.Tea On The Terraceby Tommy Dorsey2:48
4.I'M In A Dancing Moodby Tommy Dorsey2:47
5.Keepin' Out Of Mischief Nowby Tommy Dorsey2:45
6.Jamboreeby Tommy Dorsey2:09
7.Mr. Ghost Goes To Townby Tommy Dorsey3:17
8.Lookin' Around Corners For Youby Tommy Dorsey2:43
9.Who'Ll Buy My Violets?by Tommy Dorsey3:14
10.On A Little Bamboo Bridgeby Tommy Dorsey2:41
11.Melody In Fby Tommy Dorsey2:55
12.Song Of Indiaby Tommy Dorsey3:07
13.Marieby Tommy Dorsey3:17
14.In A Little Hula Heavenby Tommy Dorsey2:20
15.I'Ll Dream My Way To Heavenby Tommy Dorsey2:39
16.Liebestraumby Tommy Dorsey3:29
17.Mendelssohn's Spring Songby Tommy Dorsey2:34
18.The Sheik Of Arabyby Tommy Dorsey2:29
19.Boogie Woogieby Tommy Dorsey3:09
20.Hawaiian War Chantby Tommy Dorsey3:05

Disk #3

1.Jubileeby Harry James2:49
2.When We'Re Aloneby Harry James2:38
3.(I Can Dream) Can't I ?by Harry James3:00
4.Life Goes To A Partyby Harry James2:53
5.Texas Chatterby Harry James2:53
6.Song Of The Wanderer (Where Shalli Go?)by Harry James3:03
7.It'S The Dreamer In Meby Harry James2:56
8.One O'Clock Jumpby Harry James2:59
9.Out Of Nowhereby Harry James2:52
10.Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (And Dream Your Troubles Away)by Harry James3:01
11.Lullaby In Rhythmby Harry James2:42
12.Little White Liesby Harry James2:20
13.Boo - Wooby Harry James2:59
14.Woo - Wooby Harry James3:13
15.Home Jamesby Harry James2:35
16.Jesseby Harry James2:43
17.Ciribiribinby Harry James2:32
18.Sweet Georgia Brownby Harry James2:35
19.Blame It On My Last Affairby Harry James3:01
20.Love'S A Necessary Thingby Harry James2:53
21.'Taint What You Do (It'S The Way That Cha Do It)by Harry James2:48
22.Two O'Clock Jumpby Harry James3:15

Disk #4

1.Rhythm Sundaeby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:54
2.Pianologyby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:37
3.Piano Manby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:35
4.Tantalizing A Cubanby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:57
5.G.T. Stompby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:43
6.Lightly And Politelyby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:28
7.Boogie Woogie On St. Louis Bluesby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:44
8.Deep Forestby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:32
9.Number 19by Earl "Fatha" Hines2:47
10.Call Me Happyby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:39
11.Easy Rhythmby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:52
12.Comin' In Homeby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:45
13.Up Jumped The Devilby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:46
14.Jersey Bounceby Earl "Fatha" Hines3:03
15.South Sideby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:50
16.Windy City Jiveby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:50
17.Swingin' On Cby Earl "Fatha" Hines3:07
18.The Father Jumpsby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:33
19.The Earlby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:44
20.Blue Keysby Earl "Fatha" Hines2:51