The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 38 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 38by Various Artists

  • 83 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 4:04:05


Disk #1

1.Roll On Mississippi, Roll Onby The Boswell Sisters2:58
2.Shout, Sister, Shoutby The Boswell Sisters3:15
3.Sing A Little Jingleby The Boswell Sisters3:07
4.I Found A Million Dollarby The Boswell Sisters3:14
5.It'S The Girlby The Boswell Sisters3:16
6.It'S Youby The Boswell Sisters3:07
7.Making Faces At The Man In The Moonby The Boswell Sisters2:51
8.I Can't Write The Wordsby The Boswell Sisters3:06
9.Shine On, Harvest Moonby The Boswell Sisters3:10
10.Heebie Jeebiesby The Boswell Sisters2:39
11.River, Stay 'Way From My Doorby The Boswell Sisters3:26
12.An Evening In Carolineby The Boswell Sisters3:02
13.Nothing Is Sweeter Than Youby The Boswell Sisters3:04
14.I Thank You, Mr. Moonby The Boswell Sisters2:48
15.Was That The Human Thing To Doby The Boswell Sisters3:05
16.Put That Sun Back In The Skyby The Boswell Sisters2:59
17.Stop The Sun, Stop The Moonby The Boswell Sisters3:01
18.Everybody Loves My Babyby The Boswell Sisters2:19
19.There'Ll Be Some Changes Madeby The Boswell Sisters3:05
20.Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Seaby The Boswell Sisters3:02
21.If It Ain't Loveby The Boswell Sisters2:56
22.Got The South In My Soulby The Boswell Sisters2:57
23.Whad Ja Do To Meby The Boswell Sisters3:16
24.When I Take My Sugar To Teaby The Boswell Sisters3:10

Disk #2

1.It Don't Mean A Thingby The Mills Brothers2:18
2.Doin' The New Low Downby The Mills Brothers3:05
3.St. Louis Bluesby The Mills Brothers2:20
4.Sweet Sue, Just Youby The Mills Brothers2:54
5.Diga Diga Dooby The Mills Brothers3:07
6.Tiger Ragby The Mills Brothers1:49
7.Loveless Loveby The Mills Brothers2:37
8.Some Of These Daysby The Mills Brothers2:35
9.Nagasakiby The Mills Brothers2:21
10.What'S The Reasonby The Mills Brothers2:43
11.Moanin' For Youby The Mills Brothers3:20
12.Don't Be Afraid To Tell Your Motherby The Mills Brothers2:46
13.Since We Fell Out Of Loveby The Mills Brothers2:49
14.Lulu'S Back In Townby The Mills Brothers3:00
15.Solitudeby The Mills Brothers3:19
16.London Rhythmby The Mills Brothers2:25
17.Shoe Shine Boyby The Mills Brothers3:36
18.Swing Is The Thingby The Mills Brothers2:36
19.Pennies From Heavenby The Mills Brothers3:06
20.Swing For Saleby The Mills Brothers2:24

Disk #3

1.Your Mother'S Son-In-Lawby Billie Holiday2:45
2.Riffin' The Scotchby Billie Holiday2:33
3.I Wished On The Moonby Billie Holiday3:07
4.What A Little Moonlight Can Doby Billie Holiday3:01
5.Miss Brown To Youby Billie Holiday3:03
6.A Sunbonnet Blueby Billie Holiday2:55
7.What A Night, What A Moon, What A Girlby Billie Holiday2:59
8.I'M Painting The Town Redby Billie Holiday3:01
9.It'S Too Hot For Wordsby Billie Holiday2:49
10.Twenty-Four Hours A Dayby Billie Holiday3:04
11.Yankee Doodle Never Went To Townby Billie Holiday2:46
12.Eeny Meeny Miney Moby Billie Holiday3:15
13.If You Were Mineby Billie Holiday3:14
14.These 'N' That 'N' Thoseby Billie Holiday3:15
15.You Let Me Downby Billie Holiday2:55
16.Spreadin' Rhythm Aroundby Billie Holiday2:56
17.Life Begins When You'Re In Loveby Billie Holiday3:05
18.It'S Like Reaching For The Moonby Billie Holiday3:22
19.These Foolish Thingsby Billie Holiday3:17

Disk #4

1.When Day Is Doneby Mildred Bailey3:27
2.I'Ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warmby Mildred Bailey2:56
3.Rockin' Chairby Mildred Bailey3:11
4.Thanks For The Moneyby Mildred Bailey2:42
5.Rock It For Meby Mildred Bailey2:52
6.'tain't What You Doby Mildred Bailey2:38
7.Daydreamingby Mildred Bailey2:38
8.A Cigarette & A Silhouetteby Mildred Bailey3:03
9.You Leave Me Breathlessby Mildred Bailey2:48
10.Savin' Myself For Youby Mildred Bailey3:08
11.Put Your Heart In A Songby Mildred Bailey2:52
12.Wigwammin'by Mildred Bailey2:50
13.Jumps Jumps Hereby Mildred Bailey2:56
14.St. Louis Bluesby Mildred Bailey2:37
15.Barrelhouse Musicby Mildred Bailey2:59
16.Arkansas Bluesby Mildred Bailey3:01
17.There'Ll Be Some Changes Madeby Mildred Bailey3:11
18.A Ghost Of A Chanceby Mildred Bailey3:12
19.Darn That Dreamby Mildred Bailey3:01
20.Peace, Brother!by Mildred Bailey2:38