The Very Best Of Testament mp3 Artist Compilation by Testament

The Very Best Of Testamentby Testament

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:10:58


1.The Haunting4:17
2.Burnt Offerings5:08
3.First Strike Is Deadly3:44
4.The New Order4:27
5.Into The Pit2:47
6.Disciples Of The Watch5:07
7.Practice What You Preach4:57
8.Greenhouse Effect4:55
9.Signs Of Chaos0:30
10.Electric Crown5:30
11.So Many Lies6:06
12.The Ritual7:29
13.Return To Serenity6:30
14.Over The Wall [Live]5:29
15.Dog Faced Gods4:02
Testament is considered to be one of the greatest thrash metal bands today, but they are not as popular as other thrashers. They started out as Eric Peterson and his cousin, Derrick Ramirez starting out a thrash metal band. Lineups changed and the band changed their name from The Legacy to Testament because of trademarks. They released their first album, The Legacy, was released in 1987. The New Order was soon released after, and gave them more success. After touring for that album, Practice What You Preach was soon released, and is their best and most successful album to date. Their fourth album, unfortunately, did not do so well. That continued with The Ritual, and the band began to fall apart. After more lineup changes, Low was released, and it was applauded by the band's remaining fans. The album contained death and groove metal influences, making a diverse album. This diversity is what made the remaining fans applaud it, even though their popularity was gone. The Very Best of Testament contains the best hits from these albums.