The X Files: Fight The Future mp3 Soundtrack by Mark Snow

The X Files: Fight The Futureby Mark Snow

  • 28 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:15:44


1.Threnody In "X"by Mark Snow3:16
2.B.C. Bloodby Mark Snow2:28
3.Goopby Mark Snow4:20
4.Soda Popby Mark Snow4:46
5.Quittingby Mark Snow0:53
6.Already Deadby Mark Snow1:43
7.Cave Baseby Mark Snow1:32
8.Remnantsby Mark Snow2:13
9.Plagueby Mark Snow3:24
10.Fossil Swingsby Mark Snow1:00
11.Goodbye Bronschweigby Mark Snow2:41
12.A Call To Armsby Mark Snow0:59
13.Elders / Crossroadsby Mark Snow2:53
14.Corn Hivesby Mark Snow3:06
15.Corn Coptersby Mark Snow2:36
16.Out Of Luckby Mark Snow1:01
17.Stung Kissing / Cargo Holdby Mark Snow4:13
18.Come And Goneby Mark Snow5:29
19.Trust No Oneby Mark Snow2:53
20.Ice Baseby Mark Snow1:35
21.Space Holeby Mark Snow2:14
22.Mind Gamesby Mark Snow3:53
23.Nightmareby Mark Snow2:45
24.Pod Monster Suiteby Mark Snow5:23
25.Crater Hugby Mark Snow2:04
26.Factsby Mark Snow2:38
27.Plague (Alternate Segment)by Mark Snow1:26
28.Crossroads (Album Version)by Mark Snow2:20