The X Files: The Event Series: Original Soundtrack From The Fox Television Series (Limited Edition) mp3 Soundtrack by Mark Snow

The X Files: The Event Series: Original Soundtrack From The Fox Television Series (Limited Edition)by Mark Snow

  • 51 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 2:35:05


Disk #1

1.My Struggle: Prologueby Mark Snow3:00
2.The X-Files Main Title (Season 9)by Mark Snow0:38
3.My Struggle: Ride To Roswellby Mark Snow2:11
4.My Struggle: Call To Mulderby Mark Snow1:51
5.My Struggle: Svetaby Mark Snow4:34
6.My Struggle: Sveta Examby Mark Snow1:49
7.My Struggle: Alien Replica Vehicle / Element 115by Mark Snow3:12
8.My Struggle: Lab Laborsby Mark Snow2:18
9.My Struggle: Sveta's Storyby Mark Snow3:20
10.My Struggle: Mulder's Officeby Mark Snow2:01
11.My Struggle: Deep Throatby Mark Snow2:37
12.My Struggle: Home Fireby Mark Snow1:57
13.My Struggle: Conspiracy Montageby Mark Snow5:19
14.My Struggle: Sveta Confessesby Mark Snow1:50
15.My Struggle: Parking Garageby Mark Snow2:28
16.My Struggle: Sveta Gets Zappedby Mark Snow1:20
17.My Struggle: Smoking Manby Mark Snow0:46
18.Founder's Mutation: Insecure Insecurityby Mark Snow2:33
19.Founder's Mutation: Hand Messageby Mark Snow3:35
20.Founder's Mutation: Pull The Thread / Semi-Alien Boyby Mark Snow10:06
21.Founder's Mutation: Capsulesby Mark Snow5:03
22.Founder's Mutation: Aquaiescentby Mark Snow1:49
23.Founder's Mutation: A Mother Never Forgetsby Mark Snow2:26
24.Founder's Mutation: The Farm House / Catching Kyleby Mark Snow3:35
25.Founder's Mutation: The Real Mollyby Mark Snow2:48
26.Founder's Mutation: Mulder's Memoriesby Mark Snow2:47

Disk #2

1.Home Again: City Shower Servicesby Mark Snow1:17
2.Home Again: No Prints / The Callby Mark Snow2:19
3.Home Again: Extubationby Mark Snow0:40
4.Home Again: Remorseby Mark Snow1:43
5.Home Again: Sub-Urbanby Mark Snow3:07
6.Home Again: Tulkuby Mark Snow3:36
7.Home Again: More Remorseby Mark Snow2:24
8.Babylon: Prayerby Mark Snow1:15
9.Babylon: Einstein / Millerby Mark Snow2:04
10.Babylon: Mugwumpby Mark Snow5:04
11.Babylon: Evacuationby Mark Snow3:27
12.Babylon: Ummuby Mark Snow2:51
13.Babylon: Motelby Mark Snow1:37
14.Babylon: Walk With Meby Mark Snow1:29
15.My Struggle II: Recapby Mark Snow1:34
16.My Struggle II: Scully's Storyby Mark Snow2:29
17.My Struggle II: Fed Ford / Alien American DNAby Mark Snow4:38
18.My Struggle II: Vaccine Alienation / One-Class Infectionby Mark Snow7:58
19.My Struggle II: Smokin' Godby Mark Snow7:00
20.My Struggle II: The Spartan Virusby Mark Snow7:51
21.My Struggle II: Crispr Cas9by Mark Snow6:36
22.My Struggle II: William Is Out Thereby Mark Snow4:34
23.The X-Files End Credit (New Orbit)by Mark Snow0:35
24.I Made This / 20th Century Fox Fanfare [Alfred Newman]by Mark Snow0:13
25.Mulder And Scully Meet The Were-Monster: Suiteby Mark Snow2:51