Third Round mp3 Album by Manu Katché
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 44:35


1.Swing Piece4:55
2.Keep On Trippin'5:34
4.Being Ben4:23
5.Une larme dans ton sourire2:27
6.Springtime Dancing4:10
7.Out Take Number 92:08
8.Shine and Blue4:53
9.Stay With You4:31
11.Urban Shadow2:58
Shaun struwig
'Third round' is French African drummer extraordinaire, Manu Katche's third solo album. Once again, Katche' manages to put forth a diverse and captivating collection of 11 tunes in his earmark style - a blend of rhythmic & memorable jazz served by pop sensibilities. Whilst this record follows the same winning formula Manu crafted in his previous two albums, 'Third Round' takes on new ground with an entirely different lineup of musicians which include the likes of Jason Rebello (Jeff beck) on keys and Pino Palladino on bass. 'Third round' is multifaceted with tracks ranging from slower sombre tunes to vibrant up tempo tunes and even a vocal appearance by Kami Lyle. Personal favorites included 'Swing Piece', the albums opening track - a mellow tune that starts with a beautifully haunting interplay between piano and saxophone, later ensued by the incredibly tasteful beats of Manu Katche' and his rhythmic partner in crime, Pino Palladino. 'Keep on tripping' is an energetic track driven by Manu's impressive cymbal work and a strong sense of melody that the listener can latch onto. Solo's by Rebello on this album are a real treat - refreshingly reserved amidst the auditory chaos that often ensues when many a jazz player takes a solo. One thing that i particularly loved about this album is that Jazz aficionados will be at home with the numerous improvised solos, yet there is enough structure to the music to keep the interest of a listener who is perhaps not so in-amid with improvised jazz. Songs are kept relatively short never going over 6 minutes, once again a trademark of the Katche' style which caters for a wide range of listeners.

Overall a welcome addition to the Katche' discography and highly recommended to fans of not only jazz, but those of plain good music too.