This Is America mp3 Single by Childish Gambino

This Is Americaby Childish Gambino

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1.This Is America3:46
Fantastic Song + Video!
This song is genuinely amazing. It identifies racial issues very subtly and especially in the music video, which Glover/Gambino uses masterfully to portray his image of America's racism. The lyrics are great, with my favorite lyric being "Don't catch you slippin' now," really demonstrating how showing vulnerability nowadays can cause you to fall and fail as a black man or woman. Also, the video itself is so memorable that whenever you are listening to the song, you can't help but conjure up images of Donald Glover's manic dancing and all of the background imagery of gun violence. I dislike how the final song mix doesn't include the gunshots from the video's audio, but besides that, it is an all-around great listen, and even better with the very complimenting video. Glover is a master with choreography, lyric writing, and beat-creating. No other song in his catalog is like this at all. It is a total masterpiece. This song is so unique, shocking, and different than any Hip-Hop song you have ever heard. I HIGHLY recommend it, and you MUST listen to it, along with the music video.