Thor mp3 Album by Wizard
  • 11 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 49:30


1.Utgard (False Games)4:49
2.Midgard's Guardian4:27
4.Serpent's Venom4:44
6.The VIsitor5:53
7.What Would You Do?3:30
8.Utgard (The Beginning)6:35
9.Stolen Hammer4:32
11.Pounding in the Night3:30
Rich D
This is definitely an album I can listen to over and over, although it's not setting new standards for the genre by any means. The Thor theme is cool for sure. They could have done more with the idea and many of the songs have very repetitive lyrics. Nonetheless I find myself singing them long after I've listened to the album, and I choose it often when I am working out or driving alone. Great guitar licks and really fast paced drums and rhythm guitar. The vocalist has the exact right kind of voice for this type of music.