Thor: The Dark World mp3 Soundtrack by Brian Tyler

Thor: The Dark Worldby Brian Tyler

  • 26 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:17:11


1.Thor: The Dark Worldby Brian Tyler2:10
2.Lokasennaby Brian Tyler2:32
3.Asgardby Brian Tyler1:54
4.Battle of Vanaheimby Brian Tyler1:39
5.Originsby Brian Tyler3:49
6.The Trial of Lokiby Brian Tyler2:39
7.Into Eternityby Brian Tyler3:40
8.Escaping the Realmby Brian Tyler3:53
9.A Universe from Nothingby Brian Tyler2:20
10.Untouchableby Brian Tyler4:09
11.Thor, Son of Odinby Brian Tyler1:53
12.Shadows of Lokiby Brian Tyler2:25
13.Sword and Councilby Brian Tyler3:47
14.Invasion of Asgardby Brian Tyler3:01
15.Betrayalby Brian Tyler4:03
16.Journey to Asgardby Brian Tyler2:18
17.Uprisingby Brian Tyler2:36
18.Vortexby Brian Tyler2:21
19.An Unlikely Allianceby Brian Tyler3:47
20.Convergenceby Brian Tyler3:43
21.Beginning of the Endby Brian Tyler5:21
22.Deliveranceby Brian Tyler2:21
23.Battle Between Worldsby Brian Tyler3:31
24.As the Hammer Fallsby Brian Tyler2:41
25.Legacyby Brian Tyler4:08
26.Marvel Studios Fanfareby Brian Tyler0:30