Thrillogy 2012 mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thrillogy 2012by Various Artists

  • 64 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 7:42:59


1.Struggle for Pleasure (Edit)by Zatox4:28
2.I’m the Melodyman (Edit)by Frontliner2:03
3.About the Music (Edit) (and Code Black)by Toneshifterz4:29
4.Monsoon (feat. Laila Reeves)by Bass Modulators6:13
5.Life that We Dream of (City2city) (Edit)by Brennan Heart3:58
6.D.E.C.I.B.E.L. (Official Decibel Anthem 2012)by Zatox6:22
7.Lockedby Vamper3:54
8.Young Ones (D-Block & S-Te-Fan Remix Edit)by Di-Rect4:47
9.Let’s Rock (Wildstylez Remix Edit)by Tatanka4:09
10.DJ Easy My Mind (Edit)by Isaac4:20
11.Break the Show (Edit)by Noisecontrollers3:23
12.Creation (the R3belz Remix)by Zatox3:44
13.Fight 4 Your Right 2 Party (Q-Base 2012 OST)by Psyko Punkz5:10
14.Fight 4 Existence (feat. MC Renegade)by The R3belz3:26
15.We Don’t Careby Wild Motherfuckers3:25
16.Never Scaredby Ran-D4:36
17.Weskerby Activator3:29
18.Cocaine MF (A2 Remix)by DJ Duro4:29
19.Thrillogy 2012 Cd1 (Mixed by Zatox)by Various Artists1:16:30
20.Cryptology (Edit)by Crypsis3:55
21.New Generationby The Machine5:15
22.Bitches & Ho’s (Digital Punks Hardstyle Refixx Edit)by Da Bootleggers2:49
23.Bang (Edit)by Cold Case2:54
24.The Scientistby In-Phase5:07
25.Struggle for Existence (Crypsis Remix Edit) (and Adaro)by Ran-D3:11
26.Project Destiny (vs. the Anarchist)by Artic4:24
27.Fear is an Illusionby Tartaros3:19
28.Face Me (and E-Force)by Luna3:57
29.The Main MF (Edit)by Crypsis3:34
30.Burning (Edit)by Frequencerz3:03
31.Bolivia (Edit)by Gunz for Hire5:11
32.Helpless (Edit) (and Chain Reaction)by Radical Redemption3:30
33.Night Colours Black (E-Force Remix) (and Frequencerz)by B-Front5:15
34.Zombiesby Jack of Sound5:04
35.Spectral (Edit) (and B-Front)by Digital Punk3:39
36.The Demand (Radical Redemption Remix Edit)by Crypsis4:06
37.The Hour of the Night (Edit)by Titan3:24
38.Drug Muzik (Edit)by Chris One3:33
39.Damned (Edit)by Crypsis3:15
40.Everyone Has Died (Edit)by Radical Redemption3:59
41.Thrillogy 2012 Cd2 (Mixed by Crypsis)by Various Artists1:13:37
42.Be A God Tihby Anime2:40
43.Dancefloor Dictator Tihby The Stunned Guys3:47
44.Peace (and the Viper)by Neophyte5:47
45.Tester of the Hard Shitby Promo5:43
46.Hate Me Like A Pro (Edit)by Nosferatu4:35
47.Time is Nowby Roughsketch5:13
48.Analog (feat. D-Passion)by Promo4:27
49.Hardcore Italiaby Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied3:45
50.We Got Fire (Album Version (and the Viper)by Evil Activities4:08
51.Get A Life (Edit) (and Noize Suppressor feat. MC Jeff)by DJ Mad Dog2:30
52.HC to the Brainby Noize Suppressor5:43
53.Acid Rain (Nosferatu & Meccano Twins Remix Edit)by Wedlock3:46
54.Beast Wars (and Counterfeit)by Negative A5:46
55.Danger Tihby Unexist2:04
56.Agony Tih (feat. MC Jeff)by DJ Mad Dog3:28
57.Supernatural (feat. the Wishmaster)by Tommyknocker4:54
58.Hellburner (Edit) (and Dione)by Ruffneck3:07
59.A-Bombby Anime5:06
60.Hardcore Italia (Undogged Remix Edit)by Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied2:26
61.Live Tonightby Rob da Rhythm4:53
62.Dictator Rulesby Bartoch5:01
63.Speedcore Mashby ISR Live3:42
64.Thrillogy 2012 Cd3 (Mixed by Mad Dog)by Various Artists1:01:32

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