Thunderdome: The Megamix of Thunderdome 1-5! mp3 Compilation by Various Artists

Thunderdome: The Megamix of Thunderdome 1-5!by Various Artists

  • 55 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 1:04:22


1.Intro The Angel of Thunderby [unknown]1:24
2.Here's Johnnyby Hocus Pocus1:11
3.In My Houseby Too Fast for Mellow1:25 DJ Hooligan1:16
5.Brainwashkillerby T.N.T.1:34
6.Boy's Interfaceby DJ Rob1:27
7.Soby The Nightraver1:24
8.DJ Fuckby Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo1:19
9.Hocus Pocusby Vicious Delicious1:02
10.Bonzai Channel Oneby Thunderball1:05
11.Upby Ilsa Gold1:28
12.Cranium Accellerationby S.V.E.N.0:58
13.Boneheadby Hard Attack1:03
14.Kiss the Groundby T.N.T.1:52
15.Basic Loudnessby Simstim0:58
16.Right Is Wrongby Jean Sibart & Joel Trambel0:25
17.Drummachineby DJ Paul Elstak1:05
18.Mickeyby Neophyte0:37
19.Cosmic Trashby Vitamin1:04
20.Fuckin' Hostileby Lenny Dee0:45
21.Fuck You Marleneby Rexanthony1:00
22.This Beat Is Flowby DJ Rob & MC Joe1:16
23.El Gallinero (remix)by Ramirez1:32
24.Recessionby Neophyte1:13
25.Verrottedby Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo0:56
26.Silke (Speedfreak remix)by Ilsa Gold1:17
27.Motherfuckin' Breatbeakby Hardliners1:57
28.Middle Chill Enjoying the Nightmareby [unknown]0:34
29.Welcome to Thunderdomeby DJ Dano1:38
30.Ultimate Sextrackby Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo1:29
31.Riot in Rob Gee & DJ Repete & MC Romeo0:51
32.They're Backby Sauerkraut1:18
33.Fuckin' Speedloaderby Speedloader1:01
34.Summerby Sorcerer1:05
35.Brand New Danceby Square Dimensione1:49
36.Fuck Them (Special Thunderdome remix)by Human Resource1:49
37.Get the Hook (remix)by House Pimps1:24
38.Fascinationby Citrus0:48
39.Terapiaby Ramirez1:09
40.Is It Acceptableby The Wasteland0:59
41.Soushkinby Dream Your Dream1:11
42.La Ondaby Kuadra1:38
43.Viva la Revolutionby Bardot1:19
44.World's Famous MF (live)by Program 11:15
45.Caramba (Dance to Dis)by Terra W.A.N.1:46
46.I'll Take You All to Fuckin' Hellby Scarface0:54
47.Buzz Clickby D & F1:32
48.Nonshlen Tustokkenby Riot Squad1:02
49.Step the Fuck Backby Omar Santana0:39
50.Achtung (Speedcity remix)by T.O.P.D.R.O.P.0:58
51.Dominatin'by The Prophet1:08
52.The Birdby Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo0:35
53.3 the Hard Wayby The Dreamteam0:21
54.The Fly Is Deadby Swat0:50
55.Outro Sleep Well, If You [unknown]0:47

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